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  • Hello I make short films but can not use LSPDFR because it keeps crashing my game. Can somebody please make a MOD where police are more active. I can not find anything that works here on GTAV MODS.com. Here are some of my short movies and thanks to you all who have helped me. God bless you. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEKUJVSgDrRky3x5bJCUJd6p_jhfRcgIl

  • @Haight
    Have you tried Random Events 1.1b?

    You can control the frequency ('low', 'medium', 'high') of events (inc. 'PoliceChase') by editing the 'settings.xml' file:

      <settings name="mainSettings">
      <event name="PoliceChase">
      <event name="Ambulance">
      <event name="CriminalWars">
      <event name="Firetruck">
      <event name="ArmoredCar">

  • @a63nt-5m1th THANKS yes it seems not to be working for me.

  • @Haight I hate to say this, and I'm probably gonna get some hate for this, but I'm actually impressed with the new Redux 1.8. Yes I know the history behind this mod, but he really did bring together alot of great mods and some stuff I haven't seen before.

    First the graphics sucks. Absolutely horrible and the first thing I do is change his timecycle files. But once the graphics are dealt with you start noticing little things. Almost immediately upon driving around I heard gunshots. No I'm not wanted, didn't piss anyone off, but I heard gun shots. Then two cop cars go speeding past me so I follow. A block over in the residential zone was a civilian hiding behind his car having a shootout with 4 cop cars. I arrived with the 2 cars I followed and watched for a good few minutes these cops shoot this car while dragging their fellow cops to safety. Once they finished him off they drove away like nothing happened. I continued seeing small events like this around the city.

    I got into a gunfight with the cops and was completely shocked how the cop didn't die on the ground with one shot and lasted a while before dieing. The gunfights somehow last longer, are more intense, and more focused on NPC's. I rather enjoy the little things it brings, but I'm sure this is gonna get some hate lol

  • @InfiniteQuestion said in MORE POLICE CHASING PEDS:

    Redux 1.8.

    I am not educated about Redux and what it is. When I installed the Mod I have tried everything to get it to work. Am I missing something in my files?. I seen it on YouTube and I dont see a window like it shows. I REALLY REALLY REALLY BADLY NEED A MOD LIKE THIS. Or find out why LSPDFR keeps crashing, My GTAV file is modded to the sky with mods but still it should be working.

  • @InfiniteQuestion The reason is because these use stolen ped configs from the misc section. A good combination of police rebalances and scenario edits will get you the same result. Pretty much everything that mod does can be replicated better here if you know which files do what.

  • @Joe-Gillian I know exactly why and that is not the reason, at least the only thing he stole but whatever some say stolen I say he brought the right amount of mods together. I have tried them all on this site and even a combination of some, but I keep going back to redux.

    One example, giving all the knowledge and mods on this website, he is the only to make a mod where cops don't die in one shoot. Show me anywhere any mod that this can be done. Redux did.

  • @Haight stop modding it to the sky. Seriously sometimes too much is toooooo much. Just start with a FRESH install and you will be good.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @grateful_for_mods but Damnit he has been holding NVE over us for this whole year. He knows he has the power, he won't let go that easy

  • This post is deleted!

  • @InfiniteQuestion This is stored in the pedhealth.meta. Also has to do with euphoria implementation and whether or not you keep writhing animations in. This is all common knowledge amongst modders, and amongst the reasons why talk about Redux is looked down upon as if it's some holy grail of mods or some such.

  • @Joe-Gillian if this is common knowledge, then why is there no info or mods that have this effect. It is not just ped health, I have been looking into this with no answers other than redux.

    If the modding community would be more open to sharing this info and not hording all the knowledge because they are scared of someone taking credit for their hard work even though its literally just changing numbers around. I'm really sadened by this mentality and if this was all really just common knowledge then we wouldn't have a needs for a consolidation mod like Redux. Just look at all the posts asking why mods aren't working, too much seperation in the community.

    I was part of the Spore modding community and it basically dried up from too many people hoarding information. When I see arguments in gta over numbers happening the same exact way, when this is all over we are gonna have millions of seperated mods, no documentation on what anything does, and the possibility of keeping this game going dies.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Redux isn't doing anything that can't be done with tweaking yourself, as I said. You're right--it's not just pedhealth.meta, it's also a lot of weapons.meta edits and other such things. These are spread apart because they make sweeping changes, and for the best compatibility when it comes to something as complex as all this is to have it split into modular bits where you can retro-fit things to your liking. This will never get as easy as one would like, but I'd be careful about advertising a mod which does make "to the sky" modding changes as one package that could also interfere with scripting mods, (which we haven't even touched on yet). So the only real way to get the best out of GTA mods is to know what you're modifying and why, also how they potentially could conflict with others.

  • @Joe-Gillian Really for the average gta 5 user, have you seen the posts they make asking for help? I don't think the average person has the knowledge, patience, or even willingness to look though all that code and piece it together in a way that works. There is NO documentation out there to help the average person so in a situation like that then ya a consolidation mod is very very badly needed.

    Second problem is on top of all these people hoarding knowledge of how their mod works, like many many many mods on this site the developer posts once then never updates. So many great mods just too outdated because lack of support, knowledge on the code, and a general shaming in the community of using someone else's code even if that person completely takes it over updating. How about the lack of timecycle files on the mods site? Easy to edit, but no one does because it is a confusing mess to most. But I don't know how many posts I have seen of people asking how do I change this or that.

  • @InfiniteQuestion I agree with you, but the answers are usually pretty complex because that's just how these things work. A lot of the comments are also from people who can't understand what the install instructions mean or how other files overwrite them, how other files are referenced, etc. This is stuff you just kind of have to learn if you want to know why your game is breaking. I've been modding this game for five years, and I try to make sure I know what I'm putting in my game. It's the same as any other game with an extensive mod library.

  • @Joe-Gillian even more reason why we need to get that kind of info out. Sure 5 years modding you know your way around. Think about this from others perspective, that don't have 5 years of modding and just needs a game with cop shootouts and chases. Redux, hense why I posted here. Say what you will about the holy grail of secret formulas of perfect code to get the game working thst apparently is common knowledge, but after going through all the code I'm happy there exists an all in one simple up to date mod that does what the person asked for, more cop chases.

    Also since you have 5 years modding experience, and you think it is common knowledge, and the average person is capable, then please explain how to stop cops dying in one shot. Until I see someone with extensive modding experience actually help the average user by writing a guide to mod this code, I will keep using and recommending Redux when someone asks.

    We need more modding guides.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Cops don't die in one shot in my game, and I have weapons mods that increase locational damage. Depending on where you shoot someone, you're going to have more chances of it being lethal, that's just common sense. In the vanilla game even, that wasn't really an issue so I don't know why you seem to be focused on something that almost isn't even a thing. As I said before you can literally give pedestrians more health if you need to, lower the amount of headshot damage guns do, etc. Again, this is a pretty odd complaint and I've not really seen this particular one unless someone accidentally modded their game for it to do something like that.

  • @Joe-Gillian I have messed with all kinds of combinations from modifying gun damage, increasing health and armor, and even going as far as disabling headshots neckshots legshots and even with it disabled as soon as the cop touches the ground he dies.

    My goal is instead of endless waves of cops that just keep dying like lemmings I want to be able to shoot at a set number of uber cops. Most I could do was insane armor and health with all damage turned off. Like literally shooting BB's but still as soon as it has enough force to knock them on the ground, they die rendering all gun damage and ped health mods useless.

    Upon researching this it is indeed associated with the falling down animation. And the information trail dies there. Watching Redux videos I watched a cop get shot and fall to the ground and still alive still shooting as his buddy pulled him to safety. He got back up and continued fighting, at that point I was like that's exactly the kind of gameplay I'm looking for.

    Try it for yourself, turn a pistol into the worst weapon ever, slowly walk up to a cop and shoot them. They fall and die. Do a search for Ped heatlh mods, this is listed as a bug because NO ONE knows how to fix this.

    Do you have experience editing PED animations? I sure as hell don't.

  • @InfiniteQuestion You can't edit the animations extensively enough yet, so the work around is to work with the health configs and the euphoria settings to get that. Otherwise if you want uber cops to shoot at, you might have to look at some script mods to make that easier. Try this mod, and you'll see what I mean. Most of the "damage" is because of euphoria applied in the game.


    This is probably what you're looking for.

  • @Joe-Gillian this could be exactly what I'm looking for, thank you gonna give it a try right now.

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