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GTA5 mods are compatable

  • Well i had some success, mods from this GTA5 mods site are compatable with Vortex, but only all the ones that
    end with .rar, i just opened Vortex then activate GTA V in vortex then in the menu click on mods, should be emty
    look at tool bar then click on install file should open file the select which drive mods you download from 5MODS,
    then highlight any mods like DEVEL sixteen.rar then drag into vortex should go in, because vortex is okay because
    vortex do give a warning if using mods can lead to being band from rockstar, so vortex blocks off GTA5 online so dont get band.

    and Vortex is free to download from th nexus mods site, if dont have a nexus account create one, the download
    the latest Vortex mod manager nexus dont have very many GTA5 mods.:smile:

  • But do the mods work in game

  • My nortons gave me a message ScripthookV is not safe it has been removed, so what is going on with that?


    Don't use AV software such as Norton. Probably more false positives and false sense of security, than actual protection.

    ScriptHookV, downloaded from the original/official website, should be safe.

    As for mods - still recommend you do it manually, since mods mostly require you to place files into specific game archives, which they usually aren't very good at specifying. More complex mods usually include an .oiv archive, which OpenIV installs correctly. But you still need to make sure you have backups or install it in the mods folder.

  • @ikt

    Yes i did that Vortex mod manager lead me to do just that.:thumbsup:

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