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How can I put two colors in an haircut?

  • Hi,
    I've been making some mods but I need some help with something, I have two questions.

    I made an haircut with 2 mesh, they are attached, there are 2 mesh, the hair and a ribbon.

    Okay, the hair works fine, but I want the hair to have its own color (ID1 when choosing it) and the bow to have its own color (ID2).

    Being a mod with two meshes, I have joined the texture of the hair with the texture of the bow in the same .dds, making it work, but of course, I am unable to make each hair have its own color ID.

    I've tried this but no luck

    alt text

    because the hair share colors with the bow.

    And another question,

    How can I make the textures green? Does this offer any advantage?

  • Any help, please?

  • @bigsmileling Try giving the hair and bow different materials, but use the same textures for both materials. Give the hair, a hair material ("ped_hair_cutout_alpha" for example) and give the bow a non-hair material (ped_default for example). The bow would use the color in the texture file and you could use menyoo to change the hair color to whatever you want.

  • I've been trying but no luck, says something like exceeded textures.

  • @bigsmileling what program are you using?

  • @death7991 said in How can I put two colors in an haircut?:

    @bigsmileling what program are you using?

    I use 3ds Max 2016 to adjust and position of the hairstyle, and zmodeler3 for textures and rigging.

    I can make 2 mesh with 3ds max or attach the bow with the hairstyle, I have tried today creating two mesh and attaching them in Zmodeler, but when using OPENIV to attach the internal textures it gives an error.

    Right now I have 3 files:
    A: 1 bow
    B: 1 haircut
    C: 1 haircut+bow together (In the same model, they are together)

    I don't know if I have to use A+B in Zmodeler or just C.

  • Its related to the texture, take a look at the updated files (from patchday's) that rockstar did, the hair has green color and the highlights seem to have lighter green or yellow

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