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When wearing mod high heels the shoes get inside the ground

  • It happens only to some high heels mod. Can anybody please tell me the solution to fix it by myself?

  • @kandy0205 You need to replace the heels with a feet model that is already a heel. If you replace the heels it with an existing flat shoe, then it will be treated as a flat shoe and the heels will go into the ground.



    you are probably using meth0d's Add-On Ped mod?
    If so, I'm sorry but there is no fix for you as the meta file that controls peds (he named it peds.xml) gets rewritten on each instance you need to rebuild the archive when adding a new ped

    otherwise, if you're manually adding peds to your own dlc.rpf, in peds.meta you can edit these three entries in the specific lines for the model to fix the feet sinking in the world


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