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Trainer V usage in mods?

  • I see that a lot of mods require Trainer V, but i don't understand the usage as I don't recall ever using Trainer V for anything, it just kinda sits in there as a requirement. I was just wondering if the mods somehow "hook" into the trainer or if i'm actually missing a step in activating some of the mods.



    Which mods?

    I don't think any mod has a hard requirement for "Simple Trainer for GTA V" by sjaak327, but I can imagine someone re-using the trainerv.ini file, but it'd be probably explicitly stated.

    It could be just a recommended script to spawn/load/teleport stuff.

    My own Manual Transmission mod uses but does not require TrainerV.asi to figure out if it's in a menu or not - to block shifting in UIs when using a gamepad, but that's about the only integration I know of.

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