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Is there a way to prevent people from Convert a OpenIV file into 3dmax, I don't want people to steal it as it costs money this model

  • Is there a way to prevent people from making OpenIV Converted Model Into 3dmax, I am going to pay money for a mask, As I want to release the mask model without people being able to convert the mask into a 3dmax file or obj, If they do then the company that made that mask will lose money, as they have been experiencing 3d editing professional 15 years they have put alot of effort and time into it, and I am not gonna let anyone have the model without paying for it, but they can still have it in GTA 5, but convert it into a obj or a editable file that can be saved, should be restricted as you have to pay for the file itself

    If its not possible then i have to make this mask exclusive for my GTA 5 movie

  • When you have the model in ZModeler and export it to a GTA Rage Model you should get the option to lock the file. If you do this nobody will be able to do edit the file or do anything with it using ZModeler

  • @Bandeshi thanks

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