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Ped "run to" task and distance limits


    Hi! I'm working on (another) gangwar-like script, where you just spawn peds on two teams and make them fight... Now, I'm having some trouble when deploying them on spawnpoints a bit far away.

    First, I tried the task "fight against hated targets" and set the distance between the two spawnpoints - also set their "seeing range" to that distance, just in case. It works fine for close distances, but peds will stand still for far distances.

    Then tried the task "run to" and make them run to the enemy team's spawnpoint, but have the same problem (maybe the distance can be a bit more longer than with the other task, but still not enough for some scenarios). Somebody knows any "trick" to avoid this problem?

    I was thinking on calculating a middle point between the spawnpoints and make them run there instead, but the problem could be the same if the distance is too far - and the middle endpoint could be a random place, like a building or some obstacle and maybe it wouldn't work in that case.


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