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Game crashes after 10-20 min!

  • I have a lot of mods, first installed redux on game folder, than I made mods folder with redux folders and rpfs and than installed a lot of mods and I can't play game for more than 20 minutes. Game works fine with only redux and reshade. I have about 400 add-on cars in that folder(IVPack, VanillaWorks extended (installed them manually not using oiv packages, only putted folders into dlcpacks and added lines to dlclist) and many other lore-frendly add-on vehicles (all my add-ons are lore-frendly)). I also have few ymap add-ons, like forests of San Andreas, Car-Generations, Map Fixes 4.3... I tried removing them one by one but games keeps crashing. My gameconfig is WOV gc for add-ons (dont have WOV installed) with modified values for Car-Generations. ALSO I have a few scripts, like Benny's, SPA, PDMS, AddTrafic, Full Traffic... and yes I have Heap Adjuster, Packfile adjuster, CScenario, CWeapon adjuster and Simple Trainer. I tried to modify their values, but game keeps crashing. GTA 5 version 1.50.1868.

  • @Michael317 this has got to be a joke. Seriously where are all these profiles and posts coming from?

  • @InfiniteQuestion why joke? I just want to play GTA 5 with mods, and I asked for help, what's problem?

  • @Michael317 reread your post. And looking at your profile it's obvious this is a pirated copy. Just so so so much is wrong with this posting.

  • @InfiniteQuestion what is wrong with my post, I explained in details what is my problem and what I tried so far to fix it, and how do you mean by looking at my profile it is obvious that I have pirated version, I know there are some mods like IVPack and Dispatch of Variety that require previous patch, because they aren't updated, but most of them now require patch 1868, which I have.

  • @Michael317 ya um....... No

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