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all ped vehicles are red dots

  • Re: Red Dots all over the Map

    for some reason i installed some add-on vehicles and a few replace ones. when i opened my game i noticed red blips everywhere and when i opened the map to see what is was they were all labeled "vehicles" and there was thousands of them. after maybe 30 seconds my mini map starts glitching out and my main map in the main menu is glitching out (also my weapon wheel and reticle??) it also causes noticeable fps drops. if i turn off my mini map (which is radar in the display settings) my fps turns normal and my game no longer glitches nut i cant use my mini map or my main map (my weapon wheel and reticle go back to normal)if anyone else has this problem or has previously solved this could you let me know what mods fixed it or what mods were the problem
    script mods i have : persistence 2, single player garages, map editor, and auto load maps for map editor.
    any help is appreciated thanks :)

  • Yea I just got this but for deleting addon cars

  • Was anyone able to find a resolution to this?

  • @skoopzbycoop @James0625 i was able to fix it from deleting the addon cars in my persistence settings that i had taken out completely, so most likely you have a car still saved that is no longer installed

  • the persistence mod normally conflicts causing these issues, may have to do with th script hook version

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