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Trevor Bodhi replace usable for all story missions

  • Hello,
    i have been trying to find a mod that lets me complete the story mode missions for Trevor (specifically where Wade sits in the back of the truck), anyone have a mod that would be able to have someone sit in the bed or an alternative solution?

  • @Skubadoe I have 3 mods that might work for you. all might have tuning problems but all 3 have a compatible seating layout for Wade and Ron to sit in the back. 2 of them have a removable roof for that mission where Trevor stands up in the car.

    My first (and recommended pick) is carface's 1965 Jeep Gladiator
    Pros: HQ, primary, secondary & interior paint, Authentic Replica, towhitch, LODS, compatible vehicle layout with boxes for wade, and finally has Trevor's Teddy-bear
    Cons: No removable roof, needs GreenAid's Classic car colors for 100% accurate jeep colors (also applies for addon), tuning may or may not work

    My second pick would be gtavmodscar's 1988 Land Rover Series 3 pickup
    Pros: 2 tone paintjob, Removable roof, tons of extras (pickup or suv), tow-hitch, and Wade can sit in back
    Cons: Glass does not break, Interior is not accurate, tuning may or may not work, tires have purple hue, has off center tail light guards and its a Medium quality model

    my third pick would be this hummer H1 pickup on a Russian website
    Pros: Open roof, Trevor's bear, can seat Wade in back, also comes with a nice handling line
    Cons: No speedometer, Turing definitely will not work, its a Medium quality model, crashed my game once and you cannot paint the car (hope you like Red).

    Overall I'd pick Carface's gladiator. He makes great models and this is no exception.
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  • Thank you so much

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