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Timecyc Editor

  • Hi, I've been finding a timecyc editor from such a long time and haven't found any.
    We really need an in game timecyc editor which would help us editing the timecyc realtime.
    And having a colour wheel for changing RGB values would make it much more easy.
    Can anyone make an in-game timecyc editor?
    I would have made one if i knew programming

  • @Niks1712 Never too late to learn programming!

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    @Niks1712 there is one but I couldn't get anything to work. Assumed it was broken, didn't try very hard though.


    Really it's not hard to edit the colors, what's hard is being a good enough artist and having an eye for blending. I made some different color sky's, but where I failed horribly was the transition points.

  • @Joe-Gillian Do wanna learn programming but stuck with all these assignments. Will start learning as soon as I'm free.

  • @InfiniteQuestion I already am using this reloader.
    I'm also familiar with few parameters in timecyc. The main problem is converting float values ro rgb again n again and then seeing them in game. Tweaking them. It's way too time consuming. An editor would help just like in-game handling editor, etc.
    If i could learn programming rn. I would have made one myself and will try to in future. But if someone does it before me. That would be really helpful.

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    @Niks1712 I'm confused why you need to convert numbers?

  • @InfiniteQuestion those numbers in timecyc are in float decimal values. So a desired rgb colour code has to be converted into float decimal value then those converted values are put into timecyc. The conversion is easy but too much time consuming and there are alot of alt+tabs.
    A program would just make it easy just like timecyc editor for gta vc, gta sa, gta 4. Plus people will be able to see the actual colour instead of seeing the rgb codes.

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    @Niks1712 I see what you mean, I thought you were saying it's too hard to convert colors. Meh it's not that time consuming to alt tab, change a number, then reload. Each change takes what like 30 seconds? If you fun in a window, it would be easier to alt tab.

    How did you get the program to load properly? I couldn't get the sky to turn the proper colors, and I couldn't see changes with the other files.

    The way I did it was you have set all timecycles data to extrasunny so you have 15 weather cycles all extra sunny. Then change the smog to a darker blue, maybe foggy to a light blue, clear has a green color. Instead of making one change at a time I was able to go back in game and pick the best change and actively see the changes as I change weather.

  • @InfiniteQuestion the reloader helps to reload the timecycles with changes with re starting the game. That helps. But the parameters are a bit confusing. Yes converting colours to float isn't that time consuming but an ingame timecycles editor helps way too much. You would know if you've used gta4 timecycles editor or san Andreas timecycles editor.
    I made a nice realistic extrasunny timecycles which took me alot of time. Though i uninstalled gta5 and now I'm moving to snowrunner modding. Let's see how it goes .
    Still if someone makes a timecycle editor. That would be great. Cheers

  • You could try this


    But some features are locked due to development progress or something...

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