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Game Crashes on selecting "Manage Saved Files" on Menyoo

  • Re: game crashes on selecting manage saved files

    Hi ! I downloaded a map mod for my gta, but it need Menyoo for a prop, a yacht, for the Underwater Mafia Headquarters. But when i click on Manage Saved Files, my game crash and an error massage pop. Please help ! Thanks ^^

  • @WGotch07 1868

    The version of my game is 1868, i guess the latest.. And for the map i had to install ScriptHook V (working) ScriptHook V .NET (working), Map Builder (working), Map Editor (working) and finally Menyoo (working, but not Managed Save Files)

    I just seen recently that i could spawn the yacht with Map Editor, then Menyoo, then Object Spooner with f7, but not by Menyoo with f8.. The second problem i have now is that the modded water don't spawn for the headquarters while i replaced the water.xml from the mod in Open IV.

    UPDATE : All is good, the water spawned, the map is perfectly installed ! The problem of Menyoo Managed Save Files is still here but i can spawn the yacht with Map Editor !

  • @WGotch07 Finally i see i'll need this be fix for other mods..
    The error is : CORE : An exception occured while executing 'Menyoo.asi' (0x00007FFBFC3A99B0), id 35

    Edit : My launcher is doin' the Gta V update right now

    IMPORTANT ! I saw that the same problem happen for spawning Saved Vehicles from Menyoo...

  • @WGotch07 I don't think so. But the problem isn't the map. Some of Menyoo's tools make crash Menyoo (not the game, i can still play without Menyoo after crashing)

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