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Roads and buildings disappear when driving

  • Hi everyone hope you'll keeping safe there? I'm having a disappearing texture issue with my GTA 5 the game runs fine except textures disappears when driving fast in Cars or bikes even buildings disappear and gets back to normal when I stop driving and sometimes disappear at random. I would love any help to fix this annoying issue

  • @Demix19
    As long as there isn't something broken in your game, or a script/combination of scripts messing with things, this should help a bit at least :thumbsup:

    Set 'gta5.exe' to 'High' CPU Priority:
    Once in game, Alt+Tab out, start Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) & try changing GTA5.exe's CPU priority to 'High'.

    Task Manager > Right-click GTA5.exe > Set CPU Priority > High

    Jump back in game after that (without restarting) & see if there's any improvement?

    Note: Don't set the CPU Priority to 'Realtime', just 'High'. Also, the priority will reset to 'Normal' when you restart the game.

    If it works (or helps to some degree) you can set GTA5.exe's CPU priority permanently by using Prio. Once Prio is installed & you set the priority to 'High' just once, GTA5 will boot with High CPU priority everytime after that. Even after you reboot your PC :thumbsup:

    Hope that works as it is the easiest fix for issues like the one you describe.

    Test to see if a script or combination of scripts is causing it:
    If the above doesn't fix it, try disabling all scripts by renaming the 'scripts' folder to something else temporarily.
    See if that makes a difference & if so, put the scripts back in one at a time to figure out which script or combination of scripts might be causing it.

    Check the '<lod_mult_' values in your timecycle files:
    In my experience, messing with the '<lod_mult_hd/orphanhd/lod>' values in the timecycle files ('w_clouds.xml' etc) & setting them below 1.0000 (like 0.5000 etc) can also cause the road to disappear/be slow to load in.
    Unlikely it's that, but worth checking just to eliminate it. :thumbsup:

    If none of that fixes it/identifies the problem etc, then come back & give us a bit more info like:

    • Has it always been like this or just started happening?
    • Does it happen on the vanilla/unmodded game?
    • What mods do you have installed?
    • Gaming on a Desktop or Laptop?
    • What are your specs? (CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD/SSD)
    • Any other performance related issues with either Windows or GTA5?
    • Are you overclocking any of your components? (CPU, RAM, GPU)

    I could go on, but you get the picture :thumbsup:. The more info the better & don't be afraid to give us too much, we can all read pretty fast, it's just that not everybody on this site has finished the CIA Remote Viewing Training yet, so it'll help them out a lot if you write it out for them :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    Best of luck, hope it's the CPU Priority, as that's by far the easiest solution :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Thanks so much for the reply bro its well detailed gonna hit you back when I get it fixed

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