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Editing peds.ymt file crashing my game instantly upon start.

  • I recently discovered that editing vmt files is now a thing. So I took action.

    I've been attempting to modify the peds.ymt file to get my own version of GTA that I'd like to play.

    I've made my test modifications and added it to my mods folder in OpenIV. However, no matter what I do, the game crashes almost immediately after starting it up. When I replace it with the default file, the game works like normal, so it's only edited versions causing the crash.

    The file I am editing is in "update/update.rpf/x64/data/peds.ymt"

  • @Eddie-O-Neil
    Upload your edited 'peds.ymt' to mediafire or some such & I'll download it & take a look, if ya like :thumbsup:

  • http://www.mediafire.com/file/pdjeprnmw2y6hz5/peds.ymt.xml/file

    I took the liberty of converting it to an xml file, so you don't have to.

    These are the edits I have made, I suggest viewing the file with NotePad ++. It's a big file, so I listed where the edited lines are by line number:

    23929 - <RelationshipGroup>AMBIENT_GANG_HILLBILLY</RelationshipGroup>
    24337 - <MovementClipSet>MOVE_M@GANGSTER@VAR_D</MovementClipSet>
    24410 - <MovementClipSet>MOVE_M@GANGSTER@VAR_J</MovementClipSet>

    The original file:

    23929 - <RelationshipGroup>CIVMALE</RelationshipGroup>
    24337 - <MovementClipSet>MOVE_M@SHADYPED@A</MovementClipSet>
    24410 - <MovementClipSet>MOVE_M@SHADYPED@A</MovementClipSet>

  • @Eddie-O-Neil
    Your edits are fine. It's the OpenIV 'peds.ymt.xml' import that is messing things up :thumbsup:

    Here's a decrypted 'peds.ymt' with your edits applied that should work correctly (let me know if not) :thumbsup:

    Just drag & drop it over the original using OpenIV. Don't change the file name to 'peds.ymt.xml' or anything, leave it as 'peds.ymt' & you will be able to drag it in & out of OpenIV as many times as you like from now on.
    It will always be decrypted & editable in Notepad++ etc via drag & drop (forget using the 'Export to META/XML (.xml)' for this file, just drag & drop it as is).

    Any questions/issues, give me a shout :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    Also, just to let you know, there's a site issue with your username (as it has a special character in it. It used to happen to me until I got my username changed slightly).
    When someone replies to you the site automatically puts your username as @Eddie-O'Neil, which as you can see does not work (not blue).
    I had to manually delete it & select @Eddie-O-Neil from the @ drop down.
    It doesn't matter so much here in the forums as you'll likely get a watching this thread notification anyway, but if someone throws a @Eddie-O'Neil at you from the main site comments section you may not get the notification at all.
    If you want to fix it, I believe you can private message/start a chat with @Dark0ne & ask for your username to be changed to @Eddie-O-Neil, that'll fix it. Totally up to you, but if you think you might have been missing out on notifications, that will be the reason behind it :thumbsup:

  • Oh my god, it actually works! Thank you so much dude. I've been looking for this file for over about a year now! When I finally found it, it just refused to work for me no matter what I did. You saved the day dude!

    Thanks again!

  • @Eddie-O-Neil
    No probs bud :slight_smile:, glad it worked :thumbsup:.
    Watch out for other '.ymt.xml' imports doing the same sometimes ('carcols.ymt.xml' has done it to me in the past occasionally).
    If it happens, look for a mod that contains a decrypted '.ymt' & use Notepad++ etc to copy & paste your edits into it & drag & drop into OpenIV as is to solve it. :thumbsup:
    Thinking about it, you could probably just rename the 'peds.ymt' I gave you to whatever you want ('carcols.ymt' etc), paste in the relevant carcols etc data & use that to replace any '.ymt' of the same name. Should work I reckon :thumbsup:

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