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i am having trouble with the mod files and need help fixing them

  • i downloaded the mods but accidentally miss clicked and now they're downloading as notepad files instead of the .ASI i have the mod menu working but cant get any other mods cause u messed it up and cant fix it anyone have a solution it would be much appreciated

  • @Elon_Musky
    A little more info required.

    • Where did you miss click? In your Browser? In Windows 'open with' menu? etc
    • What browser are you using? (Chrome, Firefox etc)
    • What version of Windows do you have?
    • Are the file extensions for the files still what they are supposed to be or something else? (.asi/.rar/.zip etc)
    • What mod menu?

    Also, give us all the info you have on the issue, be as detailed as you can & I'll be able to be more specific :thumbsup:

    Best Guess:
    Most likely, you're looking at reseting your Browser's or Windows file associations.

    Reset File Associations Google Searches:

    Windows 7
    Windows 10

    If you use something else, just change the Browser/OS name in the search :thumbsup:

  • im using the scripthook mod menu and im using chrome i have windows 10 home 64bit and the files are supposed to be .asi and i cant remember where i miss clicked but they are loading as a notepad file cause im trying to download the simple police helper menu. and how do i reset my browsers file associations?

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    @Elon_Musky this isn't a GTA question. Plenty of pages telling you how to, just Google it or learn HOW to use a browser. Heres a hint, it's under the settings menu. Just right click the link, save target as, then choose the right download location. Instead of downloading, you simply choose to open, and windows has no idea what asi is so provably defaulted to notepad.

  • yeah thats what i figured but im not good with this modding crap haha

  • now its opening as explorer im so confused probably not gonna mod now since i messed it up

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    @Elon_Musky explorer can open up compressed files too. What is inside of the folder when you ooen it?

    All downloads shoukd be compressed, it's the Asi or DLL files inside that you want.

  • @Elon_Musky
    Note: As you seem to have missed them in my previous post, the green text in the posts are hyperlinks to other web pages. Click on them to open a new tab/be taken to that webpage. :thumbsup:

    Here's a nice simple solution for your browser issues. Download & install Firefox & use that to download mods instead. :thumbsup:
    Or better yet, take the power back & use Firefox for all your internet needs (Google's Project Dragonfly anyone?!).

    Windows File Associations:
    The Simple Police Helper Menu download is in a '.rar' archive, so the easiest way to handle that would be to install WinRAR as well (once <that hyperlink opens the WinRAR download page, click on the blue 'Download WinRAR' button, & then again on the next page, you don't need to buy it (ignore the green 'Buy WinRAR' button)).

    Any issues with WinRAR, try 7zip instead (the process will be similar).

    By default WinRAR will take over Windows file associations for these file types:

    WinRAR default file associations

    That will at least fix any Windows file association issues with '.rar','.zip' or '.7zip' downloads. :thumbsup:

    How to access the mods contained in the mod download archives ('.rar', '.zip', '.7zip' etc):
    After installing WinRAR, once any mod archive download file ('.rar', '.zip', '.7zip' etc) is downloaded, right-click it in it's windows explorer download folder location & select 'Extract to 'Name of Download File Here' (ie 'Extract to '2a4410-SimplePoliceHelper V.' etc).

    The file/s inside the archive download will then appear in a newly created folder of the same name (2a4410-SimplePoliceHelper V. etc) in the same folder as the downloaded archive.
    Go into that folder to access them & place them where they need to be per included mod download instructions etc.

    ASI & other borked Windows 10 File Associations Fix:
    '.asi' file associations shouldn't matter, even if they look like notepad files, just put them where they need to be & they will work, but if it bothers you follow the instructions in this link to reset file associations in Windows 10.
    Note: Depending on whether you reset all Windows file associations or just reset specific file types, you may need to reinstall WinRAR/7zip again after that to redo their file associations again (easiest way).

    Take your time, do one thing at a time, & any issues/questions give me a shout :thumbsup:

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