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Tutorial videos on how to Photoshop liveries & textures

  • Can someone send me videos on how to make liveries and textures for vehicles and weapons I really need help I'm new to modding

  • Stop spamming this.

    Also, to answer your question, all you need is OpenIV (To export and import the textures for the vehicles and weapons) and PhotoShop/GIMP (To edit the textures).

  • @Bjh1986Ohio You gotta stop making the same thread every few hours. There's no one tutorial for these things, modding is something that requires a personal investment and some exploration. This isn't something that's going to happen overnight. I suggest that for starters, as I've posted in your other threads, that you grab Photoshop or GIMP and OpenIV. Start small, use OpenIV to explore the game files and familiarize yourself with the game structure. From there see if you can't find a texture you'd like to try changing. Export it and pop it into GIMP or Photoshop, hell you could even use MS Paint. Make your changes, save, then put it back in the game.

  • @Unmutual Well said

  • Locking this topic now, please stop spamming

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