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Vanilla modkits not working on certain vehicles

  • @ItsJustCurtis
    I honestly don't think anyone would get the same results (ie same ModKitID's for same cars etc) with this unless they had identical vehicles installed, but yeah, I get ya, I didn't see a single Kuruma ModKitID confict the whole time I was testing.

    With the old 8bit 255 max, I could understand getting conflicts, but 16bit 65535, they should really be a thing of the past. Even just picking numbers at random, you gotta be real unlucky to hit a conflict.
    I've come to the conclusion Rockstar should never be allowed to design & create anything other than games in the real world, it would be too dangerous for humanity. lol

  • iirc it's an uint16 but only 1023 entries are actually used. From alloc8or's old post it looks like there are two places the modkit ID is stored: in the CVehicleModelInfoVar global(?), which at the time seemed to match the modkit values entered in the files, and another in the CVehicleModelInfo for each model itself.

    I sadly have -1 reverse engineering experience, so I don't really know how to get that global alloc8or mentioned.

    @alloc8or probably knows more / has some old research laying around.

    If the global stores duplicates, it might be worthwhile to use that to generate a list so the user can fix it. I think CodeWalker also allows exploring archives, so it might be possible to just use it to also generate a list.

  • @ikt
    Cheers :thumbsup:
    I'll have a look through old posts on the subject, see if anything makes sense now I've got a better handle on it.

  • I've revisited this again after finding ImNotMentals modkit ID Getter. Its not just the Kuruma that has been affected it seems, but every vehicle between ID107-128 (the Kuruma being 110).

    Spawning in game with the script linked previously, every single one of the ingame vehicles have a different modkit ID than the one declared in Carcols (a 'feature' we already knew existed).

    I have tried changing the modkit ID for the kuruma just to see what happens, but nothing has changed. Not sure where to go from here, if anywhere.

  • @ItsJustCurtis
    Yeah, it's a right pain in the hoop :slight_frown: . I've just been fixing vehicles one by one as it happens, pretty much at random.

    I'd be interested to know what happens if:

    You find a vanilla vehicle with tuning parts (one you don't like etc)
    Find it's ingame ModkitID using the script
    Remove it from the game/change it's carvariations to 0_default_modkit etc

    Give the Kuruma it's carcols/carvariations modkitID

    Does the Kuruma then still have the same ingame/script modkitID, a random/different one, or does it use the one the removed vanilla vehicle was using?

  • @a63nt-5m1th Just tried that now, using the scramjets modkit 314. Changed all instances of the scramjet to 0 and all instances of the Kuruma to 314 and both show and 63365 in game, disabling the modkits

  • @ItsJustCurtis
    Have you tried completely removing the scramjet from the game? Removing all references to it in the files (while leaving the kuruma using it's carcols/carvariation modkitID)?
    No expectation that you should try this, just thinking out loud (I would try it myself, but PC playing up, so have made the decision to upgrade to Z390 :slight_smile: :thumbsup: rather than mess about fixing a 12 yr old chipset (x58))

    The next thing I would do (also a bit of hassle, so not expecting you to do it or anything) is replace the scramjet with the kuruma (but leave the name the same).
    So, replace the scramjet '.yft' & '.ytd' etc with renamed Kuruma ones & then edit carcols/carvariations for the upgrades (keeping the scramjet carcols/carvariations modkitID) & see what modkitID I got ingame?
    I'd probably test with original Kuruma removed & then not removed from game also. Just to see if it makes any difference?

    After this forced break from modding is over & I'm fully upgraded, gonna get on to this (& a heap of other things I've never got round to). Keep me informed if you try anything out :thumbsup:

  • I will do. One thing I did notice, that the vehicles that have their modkits removed (the 63365 modkit is the same as is found on yankton vehicles, HGVs and other vehicles that get denied entry at LS Customs) are all in a similar range to one another. with the games strange changing of modkit IDs from what was declared in carcols and carvariations, a lot of the IDs that were in the 1000s are either going full loop, or getting truncated and finding themselves around that range. I am yet to find any direct conflicts, and with the game changing all the IDs around, I have no idea what ID the affected cars are trying to occupy

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