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Why don't moderators remove broken mods?

  • sorting through the mess of broken garbage on this site is a bit insane at times. why is there no quality control at all here? i mean, if every comment on a mod says it's shit and doesn't work, why is it still there?



    There are many reasons, but the main one is:
    1.- How do we know that the mod is really broken and is not just that the users say "is broken", "doesn't work", etc because they installed it wrongly or there's a problem just on their end (using pirate/ilegal game copies or similar)?
    We simply can't (and don't even have to do that) spend our time on testing every mod upload after X months just to confirm if they work or not after a game patch or another mod update which is needed for the main mod to work. If you have the time to do it yourself is great, but we simply can't.

    Also, there are some mods that work not just for Singleplayer but for FiveM, alt:V and other online (not GTA: Online) platforms. If we have to remove mods just because they may not work in an specific setup, platform or condition... better to don't do that.

    To finish, when we find mod uploads which are visible but no available to download anymore for some reason we remove them completely.

  • oh cmon, there can't be a report broken mod button after 1000 comments that say it's broken?


    @AwfulRemystemple No. If you think that a mod is "broken", then don't use it and you will be fine.
    The responsability does not rely on us, but on you. You should take care of every thing that you install in your system.

    Obviously we do check if the mod uploads contain virus or not and if they follow the site upload rules, but other than that the rest is up to the users who download the mods.

  • @AwfulRemystemple the button could be there but look how many mods are inhere. Now imagine that all the mods that would be marked as broken, they should need to test. It would need one full time person just for this for sure. There are lot of people still newbies and all newbies who don't install it correctlly, or it would be just not compatible with any of 2345 mods they are using, will mark it as broken. So that would be such a pain in the a** to make it work with testing all the marked mods :shrug_tone3:

  • @ArmaniAdnr dont they test them before approving? i know there's enough time spent rejecting new mods in order to save the egos of other modders lol. so how do they spend the time to do that while letting the site fill up with garbage. no matter, gta burn out has kicked in anyway.

  • @AwfulRemystemple In just the last 24 hours 40 mods have been approved, many of which automatically, I can't imagine how many are waiting. Are you seriously suggesting that the site moderators should download, install, and test every single mod that comes through?

  • @AwfulRemystemple the access to all mods here would be by paid membership for sure if you would like them to test all of them. Look at numbers that ItsJustCurtis wrote. They test just as Reyser wrote, for the viruses to make sure your PC don't get any viruses by downloading anything from their page. But if the mod work how it should, it's up on everyone, you should everytime have backup of mods folder and test it.

    Otherwise everyone like anything else, I'm looking for full working models, someone who need models just for videos dont need functional model, just good exterior etc. So everyone have to test it by himself and choose if you like and keep it or not. Aswell combination of all mods testing is not possible. Everyone use different mods and every new mod can not be compatible with any other mod, so no chance to test it on 100% anyway :shrug_tone3:


    @ArmaniAdnr A paid membership wouldn't help for us to test every single mod on this site, not even the 25% of them. Even if you pay each one of the moderators 1.000.000$/hour, wouldn't be worth it.

    Every mod can be conflicting with the rest of the mods, bugs/incompatibilites, etc. Even if I spend all my life into just testing mods I would die without even testing the 25% of them and not in all the combinations possible for each one.

    Sincerely, someone who believes that we should test every mod didn't even think about it at all.

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