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The search engine seems to not be working.

  • For 3 days now, everything i search in gta5 mods comes as "no results".

  • I've noticed this issue for a while now, as well.

    Terms either return no or partial results.

  • Yep, still happening. They said they fixed it, but I'm still having issues with the search function.

  • Same. Search function was fine a few hours ago, but doesn't work at the moment.

  • It is true, very difficult to find new mods without the search engine. :(

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ok so since my topic is deleted and this link has been given (properly to prevent cluttering which I understand) I'm gonna write it here. Also I would like to add, if one of the officials could maybe say something about it in his/her own topic, it would help everyone else to get to know about the issue.

    For a damn very long time this search function is just not working at all. I'm searching for something, and nada. Nothing comes out. and for those who think it's working limited, no it's not working limited either. If you search a tag, for example "car", it only shows the files that has car tag. If you look at the search bar, you can see the link is not the same.

    So yeah, to all admins who are in that department, would you please consider fixing this or maybe give us some info about it that you are doing something at least so we are not completely left in the dark? Pleaseee.....

    alt text

  • I agree with all of these guys. The function is still broken even though they keep claiming it is fixed in almost all the threads. Even if I search the word "police", I get absolutely nothing.

  • yeah same here when i search a car manufacturer and the name it says There were no results for your search, please try again.
    Some Body Help me fix that

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