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GTA Realism Problem

  • So I downloaded the GTA Realism mod, and I noticed it had a weapon weight system, and I wanted to get rid of that. I know that the mod is pretty outdated, but I just need to know where to find that part of the mod and get rid of it. Could anyone help me?

  • @Kleptobismaniac
    1.8GB a bit much for me to quickly download & have a look at, but the mod description says:

    "Some of the new features.
    Awesome Weapn weight carrying script, this is a whole new weapon system, you must pick up guns, you must manage weight and ammo, this is what GTA is like when you can't carry 2 tons of weapons, and it's great.
    To use the weapon system menu press F4, to drop a weapon press F9, don't forget to keep an eye on your weight meter. "

    Maybe try the F4 Weapon System Menu (if it is working & not conflicting with Scripthook/ENT (also F4)) or remove the script completely (presumably the mod places the Weapon System Menu script in the 'scripts' folder. If so, delete it file/s :thumbsup:

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