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i need to customize models in ydd files 3ds max which i have, but those are protected model,geometry is locked

  • can any one have a solution for this .how can i edit those in 3ds max?0_1587941206072_Capture.PNG

  • @ASH_750 @ASH_750 stop spaming with multiple topics about same thing! @Reyser
    Another Topic1
    Another Topic2
    Another Topic3

  • @ArmaniAdnr sorry for that ,im new here don't know how topics works over here.


    @ArmaniAdnr Thanks ;)
    @ASH_750 Don't create multiple topics for the same thing. Doing that again could get you banned for spam.

  • @Reyser thank you :) ,just looking for solution , can you help me!! .


    @ASH_750 No I can't. I don't have knowledge about modeling at all.

  • @Reyser no its not about modeling its about the locked models in .ydd format file i can't export this model in open format in openiv ,do you know who can help me? please!!!

  • @ASH_750 you just contact the author of that file... Maybe that author has locked that YDD file.. to avoid the unauthorised access...

    Ask the author for the permission...

  • @Venkey yes i tried to contact the author , but he seems like no more active here after march.

  • @ASH_750 so let me explain you how topics works

    1. Read this before posting topics

    2. Search in topics and on google for your problem before you ask, many other people could had same problem

    3. Once you don't find solution nowhere, using tutorial from first point write topic with all details needed for people to be able help you (or they will simply not reply if they are not sure what you are asking for)

    4. wait until somebody reply, if noone reply to your topic never make topic about same thing again! Read your topic and make sure you wrote it by tutorial in first point and it was clear for anyone who read it. If not, edit it, if yes, seems noone reading forum don't know help you and you have to find solution by yourself

    And about your problem as Venkey wrote you, only author can send you unlocked models, once model is locked during exporting by author, he don't want anyone to edit it and you simply can't edit it no matter if you like it or not :shrug_tone3: you have to hope author once see your message and send you unlocked model, otherwise just respect his decision (:

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