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What file do I need to replace to change the Wanted level response.

  • I muffed up here, I went through a crap ton of modding on a clean install, with things like gtav redux, police rebalancing mods and various other realism mod. I went an wrote over a police rebalance with a different but similar one at least 3 times since they were all different but using mostly the same files. Now I have a weird thing that I don't like but cant seem to fix.

    The problem is if I kill 1 cop it shoots me to 4 stars and then 5 after another cop is killed. To me that feels off, and worse yet if I kill (I didn't count) something like 10 cops they ignore me and try to drive off. I had five stars, the noose team was in my face and then bam they just walked away after the multi kill I even killed more and they didn't react. Please help me figure this out, thanks in advance.

  • Also as an added note I forgot to mention. The mod CPRE By BobJaneTMart I am pretty sure isn't the one causing this issue but it is the last one I installed. I even went through and used its backup files to bring the modded files back to vanilla and it didn't work.

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    "gtav redux"

    For starters, that is one problem.

  • Uninstall redux and see if the problem is still there. If it is there uninstall every mod and install it back one by one and see which one is causing this. And redux is a mod that can make your game crash most of the time with all the sounds and visual mods it has so i suggest you install NVR and VisualV instead of Redux

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    @Alexandru030 Redux is not the problem, installing multiple mods on top of each other without knowing what the files do that is the problem.

    I am running redux now and I have no problems, try seeing what your wanted levels are in the dispatch file.

  • So, the answer is to again start from a clean file, do I install both nvr and visualV or one or the other I cant tell. Also which one should I do first if they work together?

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    @GoreChain Read the NVR readme. I says step by step what to do. Install visual v first, then NVR and options, then install ONE crime or cop mod if you don't know what the modded files do. Most files that deal with crime or cops will overwrite the same file leading to imbalances like that.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Yeah I didn't notice any issues with redux either but I honestly needed to go back to my previously modded version everything but the vehicle handling gunshot sounds and visuals was perfect. I loved the difference redux gave to the visuals but most of the other mods I overwrote.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Thank you, and yeah lol I dont know why I thought I could get away with doing that. Been moddin stuff since 2013 with skyrim modding I should know better by now, but I have just recently started to mod things in gtav again. I started about 2 weeks ago installing mods uninstalling starting over I kinda got lazy. Do you know of a mod that has a decently real feel to the vehicle handling and deformation? I have been looking and so far the ones I have found either do too much or not enough.

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    @GoreChain personally speaking I haven't found a single handling mod that works. I use my own with a real time handling editor. I like Arcade style handling that turns on a dime, accelerates in any condition, and takes bumps on the road as if they weren't there. Was that a curb I just hit, couldn't tell. Mountain climbing in a sports car? Bring it on.

  • @InfiniteQuestion xD That's great, to each their own. I honestly want an arcade cross. Something with a little slippage when going to fast around corners, decent deformation nothing too crazy and has decent suspension. The standard gta driving model is pretty arcady as it is, I don't want a full sim either though I have forza for that lol.

    I'm about to start a long boring modding process lol I made three copies of the main game just in case I fuck up. I plan to make backups of everything this time since I was too lazy to last time.

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  • @InfiniteQuestion I will cause I feel it is always a fight to get things just right with that. Thank you again.

    !!! Answer to my initial question !!! I figured out what caused the issue, it wasnt any mod that messed with the dispatch.meta it was the script mod Better Chases+ by Daimian that was causing it.

    I used the Better Chases+ Arrest warrants a lot and thought it would be a welcome upgrade but it makes things feel a little unbalanced.

  • @Alexandru030 Yo okay so I installed the NVR And visualv it looks good, but the smoke and fog is all a dark blue and lights on vehicles and street lights are flickering occasionally. Any idea how to fix that? -Edit, not sure why it happened in the first place but it corrected itself after a reload.

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    @GoreChain if you don't want any fog or effects, try my mod


  • @InfiniteQuestion I dont hate the fog and what not it was just a weird glitch and it fixed itself. There is still a weird blue tint in the 4 corners but I don't know if I care enough to try to fix that lol

  • @GoreChain That blue tint can be fixed from the Optional add-on inside the zip where you installed NVR from. I don't remember the name of the add-on but you can search it up on youtube if you want. :)

  • @Alexandru030 I'll have to look into it later, I have lost interest in modding for a bit. I won't be doin anything for the next couple of weeks and just enjoy it as is. It's weird and ruins the imersion a little bit but it's livable til I feel like messing with it again. Thanks for the info though.

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