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Create a new ped category ?

  • I know this is a long write, but i hope some of you could be interested to know the answers.
    There is cops and swat categories that can be dispatched naturally in game. It is probably a mix of peds.meta, pedpersonnality.meta probably laodouts.meta too..

    • But is it possible to create a new category that can be used for the dispatch ?

    example :


    I already know that for example FIB peds can already be used inside vanilla dispatch catagories, but i'm really interested to create one or two new categories.

    Two important question related to this :

    • "DT_Police/SwatAutomobile" can be triggered with levels of "</WantedResponses>". But what triggers " <EmergencyResponses>" ?
      e.g. If I want to trigger "DT_ArmyVehicle" (that is from EmergencyResponses) to a wanted level how can i do this ?

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