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[SCRIPT] Invincible/Godmode with ragdoll enabled

  • Hello there guys, I need some help please.
    I just love fooling around and getting thrown off by the blast of the explosion but the annoying insta-death is killing it, having godmode on is making the ragdoll OFF. So, basically I need something like godmode but with ragdoll enabled so that I can have fun seeing my character thrown over by the blast without worrying to die. (This is the same fun when some guys enjoying to see their characters falling from the top of the mountain :P )
    I really appreciate if some one can help me with this. Thx

  • Banned

    I find it more fun to watch peds go flying due to explosions. Once saw a ped performing mid air cartwheels while on fire. It was hilarious.

  • @lierchantique Check out the Infinite Armor mod by elsewhat.

  • @Joe-Gillian Yesss the mod is exactly what I want! Thank you very much! Also Thanks for the one who made it!

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