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Is Modding Singleplayer GTAV Safe in terms of other games (R6:Siege-Battleye/iRacing-EasyAntiCheat)

  • Basically I want to mod GTA 5 but haven't used this stuff in a like 3-4 years. I'm just wondering if Battleye or EasyAntiCheat will mistake the files chilling in my GTA folders and ban me on Siege or other games?

    I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but for someone who barely mods outside of the steam workshop. I know how to mod outside of that ecosystem but I don't want to get mistakenly banned because I wanted to be King Kong riding a flying unicorn in Los Santos.

    Basically, am I safe to mod my GTA 5, SINGLE PLAYER? Sorry if this is seriously idiotic but better safe than sorry!

  • @Juliak2399
    Just make sure you are using a 'mods' folder & make sure you disable it before going online & you should be good :thumbsup:

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