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Natrual Vision and VisualV Blue particle effects.

  • So I thought it went away when I restarted but I guess its time based? I don't know the exact time but its night. I don't know how to fix it or what causes it but I have a deep blue tire smoke, exhaust fumes, smoke from coal shoots, water splashing and other various particle effects. I only installed the base mod for both of them cause I wanted to make sure it even worked. Can someone help me figure out what's going on here? Thanks in advance.

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    @GoreChain Details. What did you install? What order did you install? What time/weather/location is this happening? Are you using scripts, plugins, trainers? Can you describe the effect better or post a screenshot?

  • @InfiniteQuestion Blue Exhaust, water fountain and water splash. It was weirdly hard to get these things. I'd be driving and spot them almost immediately but trying to get a pic was weirdly difficult. I think it is deffinitely something to do with lighing, it was only at around 5am and at specific angles in this area at least, pillbox hill. I assume clear weather, I have quite a few scripts and only the native trainer. Better chases+ Arrest warrants, No recticle, watch your death and Last location to name a few.

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    @GoreChain what did you install to the mods folder and what order?

  • @InfiniteQuestion I believe the only two I did install minus the 1: NVR and 2: VisualV was 3: Realistic traffic ai by duchuy613 and 4: Classic Combat by GTAutomatic. Install order 4, 3, 2 then 1. Lol didn't do that on purpose.

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    @GoreChain start off again fresh. Install each mod one by one. Or just don't drive to that area and look at that angle at that specific time of night. The rest of the game looks good right?

  • @InfiniteQuestion So far I have probably played about 20 minutes and most of that was troubleshooting, but yeah I think it looks pretty good. That option of redoing it is not gonna happen xD Like I said in my other post I have been off an on modding gta for about 2 weeks now. I usually go obsessed mode for a few weeks then give up. I maybe played about half the time I modded, im all modded out xD I will just deal with it for now, I honestly thought it was something like a graphic setting or a line of script/code tweak I needed to fix since it seems like a lighting issue. Though this is the farthest I have ever gotten with a graphics mod so I'll take it lol thanks again for your help.

  • @GoreChain
    If you are ever interested in trying to fix it, this is where I would start :thumbsup:

    Given that it only happens in a certain area (or certain areas, be thorough in confirming that), it's most likely a timecycle_modifier that is causing it.

    How to diagnose timecycle modifiers:

    Quick: (more for confirmation that a modded tc_modifier is indeed the culprit)

    If there is no issue when you load up the vanilla game:

    • grab the vanilla 'timecycle_mods_1/2/3/4'.xml' files
    • replace the ones you have in your 'mods' folder with the vanilla ones (make backups first obvs).
    • Load game & see if any change to blue effect (compare before & after screenshots if needs be)

    Detailed: (how to find the exact tc_modifier causing it once confirmed a tc_mods is the cause)
    Download Codewalker, install it & start it up.

    In Codewalker:

    • Hit the little arrow (top right)
    • Select the 'View' tab & tick 'Enable mods' & 'Enable dlc'
    • Once it finishes loading textures & what, not head to the 'Selection' tab
    • Once in the 'Selection' tab, tick 'Mouse select (right-click)'
    • Change the 'Mode' dropdown to 'Time Cycle Modifier'
    • Have a hunt about the Pillbox Hill area for timecycle modifiers (blue boxes) that match up with the areas that it happens in (look underground too as tc_mods can be set to have a range of influence outside the blue box).
    • Select (right-click) any that do match up to the area it happens in & find their name in the 'CTimeCycleModifier' line (top line) in the 'TCMod' tab.
    • Once you have a name, search your installed 'timecycle_mods_1/2/3/4'.xml' files for the timecycle modifier of that name & look for values that might be causing the blue effect (one's that end '_col_b>' & have much higher values than the '_col_r>'/'_col_g>' ones (in the same tc modifier) are a good bet :thumbsup:).

    No promises that this is the solution, but it's definitely a good place to start if you ever feel like diagnosing it.
    Best of luck :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Hey thank you so much for the info, I honestly was out for a few days with some serious depression so I wasn't really doin much of anything. I'll test this out some time tomorrow (Tomorrow being later today since it's 3am) after I've had some sleep, I just had a sudden thought to look at the site realizing I left a post unattended for a bit. So I do apologize for the delayed response, peace.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Okay not sure if the 2 needs to be deleted but in my vanilla gta v timecycle 1,3 and 4 is there but 2 isn't. -Edit: Okay so I don't know how the vanilla runs without it but when I swapped them over and deleted the 2 it had nothin but a black screen and crashed. -Edit 2: And now it is doing it with the original modded files... it shouldn't have done anything like that.. I think I'll just have to redo it all again but this time I wont be doing it for a while.. Thanks for trying unless you know what caused that and can help me fix it without having to start from scratch again I think I wont be doing anything with gta for a while.

  • @GoreChain

    The default folder location for 'timecycle_mods_2.xml' is:


    mods folder:

    That'll be why it was missing from 'update.rpf' :thumbsup:

    but when I swapped them over and deleted the 2

    I presume you mean swapped them over from the game folder to the mods folder? Or from 'common.rpf' to 'update.rpf'?
    No need to delete anything as far as I can tell though. Certainly don't delete any vanilla files from the game folder. They are a very useful backup if something goes wrong in your 'mods' folder. :thumbsup:
    If you deleted 'timecycle_mods_2.xml' from both the 'update.rpf' & 'common.rpf' timecycle folder in the 'mods' folder, that will cause issues for sure.
    Replace them with one from the game folder to fix.

    Put all 20 timecycle files in:


    so they are all in the same place & guaranteed to be loaded by the game.

    The more detailed & specific the info you give me the better the chance I can figure out where you are with this.
    Spell it out for me like I'm a five yr old. Don't miss anything out. Be detailed in what files you are talking about & specific about their location etc :thumbsup:
    GTA V has so many duplicates of files, it's sometimes hard to tell which one people are talking about. :thumbsup:

    If however, your vanilla files are borked/missing, it's probably best to fix that first. You may be able to get by with a working 'mods' folder for now, but sooner or later those damaged/missing vanilla files are going to come back to haunt you. Better to fix them now on your timescale with a re-install/verify integrity of game files etc than have them leave you dead in the water if your 'mods' folder files need a replacement in future etc.

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