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Tutorial video on how to activate self-created characters in Menyoo, for example a seat animation

  • 1.) Open Menyoo> Object> Spawn Entity Intro World
    Choose Ped, for example, choose Gang Males.
    Close Menyoo.

    2.) Open Scene Director, connect yourself and the current character as an actor.
    Maintain current character.
    Close scene director.

    3). Open Menyoo> Player Option> Animations> All Animation> search and enter, for example, sit and insert it as favorites with the B key.
    Back to Object Spooner> Select Quick Manual Placement (Legacy)> Other Properites> then activate Frozen in Place (green)
    Drive up or down with Z.
    Close Menyoo.

    4). Open Skin Control> Load Select game characters of your choice
    Close skin control.

    5). Open Menyoo> Player Options> Animations> Choose Favorites, Seat - Choose Animation done.

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