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Franklin's Car glitch (Help to fix)

  • Hello, finally I managed to replace all my cars in GTA V, but still I could not replace Franklin's personal car for some reason.

    Everytime I try to replace it, it glitches outside his mansion. Keep in mind that car is fine when I spawn it.

    On first photo you can see how the car glitches outside his mansion and on the second photo you can see how it looks when I spawn it.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? I want to fix the glitch on the car when I walk outside his mansion.

    Tests I done:

    • I tested 10 different dodge chargers (still same thing)
    • (I don't have any other mods installed that might cause this issue)
    • I tried uninstalling all cars except the dodge charger and again the same thing

    Tools I use:

    • Heap Adjuster
    • PackFile Limited Adjuster
    • GameConfig 0,1x traffic
    • ScriptHookV
    • ScriptHookVDotNet
    • TrainerV
    • NativeUI

    That's everything. I hope anyone knows what is causing this...

    How car looks when you walk outside
    alt text
    How car looks when you spawn it
    alt text


    @Vilgefortz remove the tuning parts from it

  • @Reacon if I get rid off the tuning parts then the car falls apart? What exactly should I take to make this work without ruining the car?


    @Vilgefortz did you fix it through a trainer when it fell apart?

  • @Reacon Yes. When I spawn it via trainer the car is normal, but when I walk outside Franklin's house, the car glitches.

  • @Vilgefortz

    1. launch the game with vanilla franklins car
    2. Make sure you delete all tuning parts
    • 2.1 If you do this by trainer, not in LosSantos Customs, make sure you go to the LSC after that and edit anything, at least color, turbo or xenons... (for proper save)
    1. go back to the Franklins safe house, save the game
    2. Exit game, replace car and launch the game with new car

    This should fix your problem. Problem is that characters cars have saved tuning parts and if you replace the car, even with any car that have working tuning parts and you replace all including tunings correctly, the names and numbers of tuning parts are now different and it cause weird bugs. So you have to make sure characters car don't have any tunings made before replacing it. Once you succesfully replace the car, then you can use new tuning parts on it (if it have any) and save it with new tuning parts (:

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