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Adding Textures to ambient ped characters. Help?

  • I was doing some customizing of the GTA peds clothing, skin tones, whathaveyou. And I decided I wanted to make extra textures for ambient peds. I successfully added the new textures, and even edited to ymt file to incorporate them into the med model data. Using a trainer, I can see the different textures just fine. Here's where the problems start:

    No matter what I do, the naturally spawned ped will not load the custom textures I gave it; only the original ones. This is very frustrating as I'm sure you can tell. I looked into the pedvariations file for a ideas, still no dice. It seems more for actual clothing models, rather than textures for said clothes.

    I've added more than one texture file, so I know for sure that the game does recognize them as legitimate textures, instead of replacements for the missing texture.

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