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How to run latest ENB (v.0.387) and Reshade (v.4.6.1. ) together on GTA 5

  • Check link for the video:



    IMPORTANT NOTE : DISABLE INGAME MSAA as it will mess up your depthbuffer detection ...
    also d3d11.dll is enb ,dxgi.dll is reshade ...

    1: Download Injectors from the official sites


    2: Install ENBSeries-
    Extract the zipfile-WrapperVersion-Copy and Paste the files in your GTA5.exe Folder

    2b:I usually launch the game after each installation/modification to see if all went as planned....
    Be sure to set GTA5 in DirectX 11 Mode
    or ENB Won’t Inject...

    You’ll see a bully overlay at launch confirming the injection....
    Shift+Enter to open ENB menu

    3:Install ReShade -Locate the GTA5.exe file-Download Shaders-Close Setup

    Copy the rest of the shaders,if you have others but don’t launch the game yet...

    4: Edit Enblocal.ini
    (with notepad)




    Launch the game and you’ll see also the reshade overlay to the top if everything when accordingly...

    Tip: edit “NoReloadOnInit=1” in Reshade.ini
    if you don’t want to load the shaders at launch
    Improving the game Startup...hit Reload when in-game....

    Use DisplayDepth.fx to set up the depthbuffer detection correctly

    (depth based effects needs depthbuffer reads to work)

    Check if setting “reversed=1” unlocks the readings and report those values in “edit Global Preprocessor Definitions”-

    Disable Displaydepth.fx and you are all set....

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