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Suddenly unable to edit the description of my mods

  • Hey,

    I haven't changed my mod descriptions for about 2 years. I now get errors like these:

    "Invalid character in description: [ + ] at: 490
    This can cause issues with uploading."

    "Suspicious form input detected, please only use text and the allowed HTML characters."

    Suddenly I'm able to add and remove tags (maybe only client side).

    Problem is that I try to change the description and remove "invalid characters" but when I'm not even allowed to have "_" and "?" I thought I should ask here if it's really supposed to be this way?


  • So I think I've found a solution. You can copy your description to a temporary text file on your computer and then basically remove all the text on your mod page until it's possible to save. You can then just go into edit mode again and paste the original description and now it will let you save! Will test this on all my mods today.

    There're still error messages but now it seems possible to just ignore them and save.

    EDIT: It works for some but not for all my mods.


    @R3QQ Is better to don't use characters like "_" and "?" if possible. The error messages were not added randomly on the site, there's a reason behind.

    Descriptions should be clear, easy to read, use a basic (or complex if you want to make a more elaborated and attractive description) structure and follow the site rules and regulations. To make this possible, unnecessary/non-typical characters should be avoided.

  • @Reyser Thanks for the reply.

    I would like to make hyperlinks. My old hyperlinks now generates errors.
    For example, is there a way to rewrite the hyperlinks so that there won't be
    error messages?
    (Youtube uses "?" in their format, as in "watch?v=9YZSIQ--UPU").

    I'm sometimes able to save and have it displayed correctly after doing the method I described above.
    Just the URL isn't enough in the description to create hyperlinks.

    A few years ago I had no issues with the site whatsoever. It really was a joy to use.



    @R3QQ There's not any primitive way to do it. Still you can fix that easily by using a free URL Shortener service site like "shorturl.at", "cutt.ly" or similar. There are browser extensions that allow that too.
    They will provide a different URL which won't include "?" and/or "_". Some allow them to create custom URL links so...

  • @Reyser I would like to make hyperlinks without getting errors. The question mark is just an additional error. I can't make hyperlinks at all is what I'm trying to say (sometimes it works but with errors). And hyperlinks itself is just one of the reasons errors are displayed when writing the description.


    @R3QQ Those are not errors but warnings. Still, unless the @administrators do change/remove them (some people suggested that in the past but it didn't go further), there's nothing you can do for them to don't appear.

  • @Reyser Ok. Well, I can't save my descriptions. But I might find a way around it or someone might know how. Anyway, thanks for your help.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @R3QQ Dead link to image, image not found.

  • @Zonagg post is also dead.

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