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Decided to rebuild my S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier project from scratch..

  • After some taking some time off from my Helicarrier project to escape from being burnt out I started a different project, The Stark Mansion, which is released and currently waiting for update 2.0.
    I have now returned to the Helicarrier but decided to rebuild the project from scratch with a fresh set of ideas.

    There are a few more things I'd like to implement before release but here is rebuild update!

    As always, any ideas are welcome.

  • Update 5:

  • looks awesome. when will it be realised like an estimate?

  • @Nightwing234567890- Thanks man! I'm hoping within the month but the project is so big with lots of interiors I want to make sure it is all good before I upload :)

    Will have an update video in a couple of days!

  • @JDeezNutz sounds good, looking forward to it

  • I actually can't wait for this!

  • Update 6:

  • @JDeezNutz masterpiece. the textures looks amazing; looks completed.

  • @Nightwing234567890- Thanks. Unfortunately not, still need to add interior to the new sideview rooms and other little things.

  • Update 7:

  • @JDeezNutz add some shield Logo, love the little garden inisde

  • how to get?

  • @Mister-Reichen Not released yet, currently showcasing updates until release :)

  • @JDeezNutz Is it a driveable carrier?

  • @Mlikuza No this will be a ymap map mod, not a vehicle BUT it will have usable vehicles on the helicarrier :)

  • Update; A lot has been added to the helicarrier project including interior rooms for the sideview. I plan to add some vents on the top runway to add a realistic feel - plus i've been working on a couple of surprises I hope to get working along with the project. 1 out of 2 surprises are currently complete.

    I have temporary stopped working on the helicarrier model to add/ finish these 'surprises'.

    My goal for the release of this mod is this will be somewhat an ultimate marvel experience.
    An update video will be made very soon to showcase the latest work.

  • Update 8:

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just modeled this.. if you know where it is from then you may of just worked out one of the surprises ;)
    alt text

  • Preparing for release..

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