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Point 2 Point Script

  • I want to add to my GTA single player a simple script which is 2 markers and with a starting event to drive from one to another.
    It seems in theory very simple and as a totally noob on scripting I am already tired of searching for such code without any success.

    Most of coding example is to spawn peds, vehicles, etc but nothing for such a world full of vehicles and amazing places.

    Any tips or idea on how to get this?

  • @mcal9909 Not really to create race but the concept might be the same except for the timer.

    My point is to create transportation jobs for all different vehicles, sort of delivery missions with money rewards or just a leveling system.

  • @KompensanGTA Im not sure of your level of understanding of code so its a bit hard to know what you are after exactly. What do you have working so far? Everything you require is quite easy to implement.

    The basics will be getting the location of the 2 points within the world and storing these as a Vector3, then getting the distance between the player and each point. If the player is within a couple meters of this point then he made it.

  • @mcal9909 I can understand simple coding, however I never coded myself. I looked into some open source codes like the LSTransit mod provided by Mordecki, but usually the codes are quite complicated.

    The vector3 markers I do understand but connecting them to success when near, I can't. Adding to that receiving money in the end I also do not know.
    Before the scripting part which is the hardest part, I have been preparing my maps with codewalker with peds, scenarios and cargens so I can initiate the scripts.

    The aim is for example, transport 3 peds from an helipad to a oil rig or pickup and delivery something.
    I just need like something to start with so I can easily adapt to several other locations by creating other markers and adding a bit of lore to it.
    Are you able to help me by providing a sample of the possible code?

  • @KompensanGTA
    If you use discord add me, mcal9909#4168 or find me at the 5mods discord in # scripting.

  • @mcal9909 Thanks. Will do.

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