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The site has become slow

  • Since the update of the dark mode, downloads have fluctuated between 10 kb / s and 50 kb / s

    Also the site is slow, just to change the page it takes me 30-45 seconds

    I have no connection problems, it comes from the site


    Dark mode and downloads are not related at all.
    This is likely an issue with your ISP (since you seem to be from France).
    Use a VPN or contact your ISP to fix this issue.

  • @alloc8or

    I tried with a VPN, nothing changes.

    I have no problem connecting with my ISP, everything works as always.

    The problem comes from the site 100%, it worked perfectly before this update.


    Except, no backend changes were made.
    Only some users from France have this issue. It's the fault of your ISP/Cloudflare.

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