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How do i spawn a car i've installed?

  • I'm new to modding, just bought my laptop yesterday. i have managed to get a car pack working this morning but when i went to install a SINGLE car (Furious 7 Dom's car) i couldn't figure out how to spawn it. Could anybody help me out?

  • @gosh
    Generally, you pick a trainer & then somewhere in the vehicle menu of that trainer there will be the ability to manually type in the name of the vehicle & spawn it :thumbsup:
    Then you can usually modify it/change colour etc & save it in the trainer's vehicle spawn menu & after that, spawn it fully modded from the vehicle spawn menu whenever you want.

  • @a63nt-5m1th that makes sense, so would i have to delete the Native trainer i have and replace it with one that can spawn any vehicle with? (simple trainer for GTA V looks like it can do it)

  • @gosh
    Generally, you only need one trainer, but you can have more than one installed (the only issue you are likely to face installing multiple trainers would be if they both used the same key to open them, obviously you don't want two menu's on top of each other. You should be able to fix that tho in any decent trainer by manually editing a configuration file & changing the key).
    I would hazard a guess that nearly all trainers will have the capability to spawn a vehicle by name.
    You can certainly do it with Menyoo, ENT (Enhanced Native Trainer) & Simple Trainer.
    I would say try them all out one-by-one & see what one has the best choice of features that suits you :thumbsup:

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    Alternatively, you can use ikt's Addon Vehicle Spawner. It finds all addons and adds them to the menu for quick and easy spawning. No need to remember any spawn names.


    Menyoo, Simple Trainer and Add-on vehicle spawner all should detect and spawn your add-on vehicles without any additional effort.

    Menyoo places them along with your usual cars.
    Simple Trainer has a separate menu with add-on cars.
    Add-on vehicle spawner places them on top-level.

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    @ikt I didn't know Menyoo could do that. So I don't really need VAS in that case?

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