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Rockstar Editor

  • So, I know many of you saw that title, and said I Don't care. As I understand it. No one ever gets an answer from the community when they have a question about the editor. Many of you don't use it. For me, other than modding, that's the reason I got it for PC.

    That aside, I'm having an issue. I go to load a clip, and it's stuck on an infinite loading screen. I removed the mods folder, and still it does nothing. Now I recently reinstalled my game because I put the Liberty city mod on, and it messed up some textures in Los Santos. Also, it came with a map that seemed to brick my pause screen. I couldn't even get to the editor, or the store, it just loaded forever. Deleting the game and reinstalling it worked. I reinstalled all of my mods, and the game works fine. But the editor is stuck on the loading screen. If any of you have had this issue, please let me know the next step. I would very much appreciate it.

  • Not that anyone cares lol. I found the culprit. Apparently the KillCam mod isn't too happy with Rockstar editor.

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