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Can I have more variety cars on traffic including the original DLC'S from GTA V?

  • Hi guys, basically my question is if there is any mod or anything that would help me have more variety cars on traffic? Currently I use gameconfig 1.5x and it's really annoying to see duplicated cars x10 all the time. Sometimes I get 20 jaguars on 1 street, sometimes I get 20 bmw's on another street (it looks really wierd)

    My goal is to make the traffic a bit more realistic and have more variety cars. Is there any chance I can include all DLC'S on traffic (the legal roadsters at least) ?

  • Also if such mod/feature exist, any way to use a feature to perhaps adjust spawn rates of certain cars, so we can group them by rare, uncommon, common? It be nice to be able to reduce the spawn rate of exotic cars, so they don't spawn as much as common cars.

  • @Vilgefortz
    There are mods that do similar, but editing the files 'popgroups.ymt' ( to control what vehicles spawn on the streets) & 'vehicles.meta' ( to control amount & frequency of certain vehicles) is pretty easy to understand & tweak to get exactly what you want. :thumbsup:

    If you set this for a vehicle in 'vehicles.meta' the vehicle will only spawn on the streets very rarely:


    Already Tuned/Visually Upgraded Vehicles Spawning on the Streets:

    Look to 'vehiclemodelsets.meta':


    If you want to have more visually upgraded/tuned vehicles spawning on the streets :thumbsup:

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