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Addon car texture flickering

  • So i've downloaded https://fr.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-dodge-challenger-hq-super-tuning-hellcat-nfs2015-animated-engine#description_tab.

    And whenever i spawn it in game, the car change colors like if it was flickerin'. I don't have other cars names that should conflict with it, and I don't have NVR, but Redux + Visual V (Saying this because it seems like an usual bug from NVR).

    I tried replacement and add-on version, both same problem.

  • @epoqx

    • There is only a replace version for that car (unless you knocked up an add-on yourself? Don't anyway, an add-on conversion is all but guaranteed to break that car).
    • Make sure you have installed all the files from both 'SultanRs Replace' & 'Data' folders. They are both needed :thumbsup:
    • It has to replace the 'SultanRS', it can't replace any other vehicle or you will likely run into problems.
    • Don't edit/install separately the files inside 'sultanrs_mods.rpf'. Install 'sultanrs_mods.rpf' as is, or it's likely to cause crashes.

    With that out of the way, try Installing the files in the 'Data' folder to here (instead of following the folder structure):


  • So, i've installed it again, as a replacement to sultanRS. It still does the same white/pink flickering.

    The car is Blue pearl Blue i think, and the moment I open Menyoo and click on /Menyoo Customs while on the car, the flickering stops, and the blue loose his pearlescent. I'll try changing the carvariations.meta.

    Edit : Changing the carvariation.meta does not solve the problem. I tried uninstalling Menyoo. Did not solve the problem. I tried deleting some textures that could be suspicious in the .ytd, car still spawns but same problem.

    It flickers in specific angles and specific places, if I find the angle, drive a little bit forward, loose it, drive backward to find it again it will happen again. If this could help.

  • @epoqx
    Just installed the 2015 Dodge Challenger [Tuning | Hellcat | NFS2015 | Animated Engine] & can confirm I get the same issue as you. Flickery texture goes away as soon as I look in the modifications menu (ENT).
    Hmmm? :thinking: That might be one workaround, have it only spawn on the streets using 'vehiclemodelsets' so it always spawns tuned etc. As a personal player vehicle, once it's tuned & saved, I get no further issues from it.

    I'll have a play about with it & see if anything can be done about it :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Do you realise how much of a bible you are for someone like me ?!

    You edited vehiclemodelsets so that the car spawns only in the street and not in parkings ? And meanwhile, how the hell do you force the spawned vehicle to be tuned ?

    edit : Seems like a lot of people are having that issue with that car, from the commentaries.

  • @epoqx
    I haven't edited 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' yet, but it can be done (for that car, or any car (inc add-on) with tuning). You can choose whatever tuning combination or livery you want it to appear with.
    The spawn will for the most part be rare ('LS_CUSTOMS_MODDED_SP' spawns cars pretty regularly outside/near LS Customs tho) & the areas they spawn in can't be edited (other than using a different 'CAmbientModelSet'), but it's a great way to spawn nice rare select tuned cars. :thumbsup:


    Note: If you go throwing as many cars as possible into 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' at some point the game will start acting funny, spawning cars as aeroplanes in the airport & other such shenanigans. Reduce the number of vehicles in the file to regain normal function/behaviour if that happens. :thumbsup:

    For some info on 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' & selecting the tuning a car appears with, have a read of my post here :thumbsup:

  • @epoqx
    Here you go, @Alex9581 (thanks :thumbsup:) fixed the 2015 Dodge Challenger [Tuning | Hellcat | NFS2015 | Animated Engine] & created an add-on. I loaded the car up ingame & no texture flickering (just a quick test tho). :slight_smile:
    Grab the download here & try it out :thumbsup:

    If for some reason you have issues with Alex9581's version (only one person reported glitching issues using it so most likely erroneous), a different version, made by @BloodyRonin (thanks :thumbsup:) is available here (also an add-on, but I haven't tested it). :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Unfortunately, i've tried both addons, and noone of them worked. I still got the flickering when i spawn the car myself (Addon Spawner), or if i found it in the city (popgroups).
    Redux + Visual V installed on clean retail version. Redux probably messing up with some ID's that the car uses. It's the only car that actually has this issue. Thanks a lot for helping tho.

    I'm thinking about the fact that once the car enter LSC, the bug disapear. So you said that make it spawn tuned by vehiclemodelsets could bypass the glitch ?

    I know the next questions are out of the subject, but it's hard to find interesting answers written as you do, so i'll enjoy while I can :

    • which file as the priority on frequency spawning value : vehiclemodelsets.meta or vehicles.meta ?
    • That second question flew out of my mind for now !

  • @epoqx said in Addon car texture flickering:

    make it spawn tuned by vehiclemodelsets could bypass the glitch ?

    There's a reasonable chance.
    You can also set a livery in 'vehiclemodelsets.meta'. If the tuning don't fix it, maybe a forced livery will :thumbsup:

    Redux will be your issue with those add-ons most likely, like the Dwarves in Moria, Redux digs too deep. Too many file edits that cause all kinds of conflicts. You can always steal (oooh, irony) the parts of Redux you want & forget the rest by editing the '.oiv' installer (using 7zip) & removing parts from 'assembly.xml'. That might be one solution you might want to consider if you run into other issues down the line. :thumbsup:
    Alternatively, use the '.oiv's 'assembly.xml' to find out exactly what files & where Redux installed them & then default the ones you don't care about back to vanilla.

    Spawn Frequency:
    Not sure how 'vehicles.meta' frequency affects vehicles in 'vehiclemodelsets.meta', but you can't control the frequency from within 'vehiclemodelsets.meta', so if anything affects the value, it will be 'vehicles.meta' frequency values. I suspect though, that the spawn rate of 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' vehicles is scripted & separate from the 'vehicles.meta' 'frequency' values.

    2015 Dodge Challenger (sultanrs replace):
    Given it is happening in my game too, Redux can't be to blame for the replace version at least.
    I'll go back to the sultanrs replace & see if I can diagnose that.
    Hopefully, if I can fix it in my game, it also works in yours :thumbsup:

  • @epoqx

    Just clocked this little non-flickering bad boy hanging about Los Santos Customs (Burton). :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    2015 Challenger Super Tuning 01

    2015 Challenger Super Tuning 01

    Note: For anyone else reading this, for the 'Data' files in Vans123's download, don't follow the folder structure in the download, but instead, install the 'carcols.meta' & 'vehicles.meta' to the 'mpjanuary2016' 'update.rpf' ' 'dlc_patch' folder structure instead:


    Test 'vehiclemodelsets.meta':

    Replace your 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' with this one to test, & then if it works for you too, you can add the codeblock below to your original file.
    I edited the file so this is the only vehicle that will spawn from the 'LS_CUSTOMS_MODDED_SP' 'CAmbientModelSet'. Other than that, it's vanilla.

    Add to your original 'vehiclemodelsets.meta':

    Add this to 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' at the top of the 'LS_CUSTOMS_MODDED_SP' 'CAmbientModelSet' (or whatever 'CAmbientModelSet' you want):

    Note: Doing it this way, it won't spawn there all of the time, but instead, any other vehicles in the 'LS_CUSTOMS_MODDED_SP' 'CAmbientModelSet' will spawn instead of it sometimes.

              <Variations type="CAmbientVehicleModelVariations">
                <BodyColour1 value="1" />
                <BodyColour2 value="1" />
                <BodyColour3 value="5" />
                <BodyColour4 value="1" />
                <WindowTint value="3" />
                <ColourCombination value="-1" />
                <Livery value="-1" />
                <ModKit value="0" />
                    <ModIndex value="10" />
                    <ModIndex value="1" />
                    <ModIndex value="3" />
                    <ModIndex value="8" />
                    <ModIndex value="4" />
                    <ModIndex value="0" />
              <Probability value="1.000000" />

    It may not appear straight away, just do loops round the block & drive through LS Customs (Burton) outside area a few times until it does. :thumbsup:

    Note: It spawns in other locations too. The Burton LS Customs is just an easy place to find it.

    As mentioned, it can be placed in any of the 'CAmbientModelSet's, if you want it to spawn in different locations etc.

    Remove 'sultanrs' from 'popgroups.ymt':
    Remember to remove 'sultanrs' from 'popgroups.ymt', so it no longer spawns all flickery :thumbsup:


    You can get a decrypted 'popgroups.ymt' here (download top right).

    • Download the decrypted 'popgroups.ymt' from the link
    • Open your ingame 'popgroups.ymt' in openIV & copy all the data in it ('Ctrl+A' > 'Ctrl+C')
    • Open the decrypted 'popgroups.ymt', select all ('Ctrl+A') & paste ('Ctrl+V') in the data you just copied to overwrite everything.
    • This will make sure the popgroups is up-to-date (as download is old one) & you keep any previous edits you have made to it
    • After that, you just drag & drop it over the original using openIV

    If using the decrypted 'popgroups.ymt' & editing outside of openIV in future you don't need to use openIV's 'Export as META/XML (.xml)' to export it. Just drag & drop it straight to Desktop etc. It will remain decrypted & editable forever. The same rules apply for any decrypted '.ymt' file ('carcols.ymt', 'carvariations.ymt' etc). :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    I'll try this ! I guess this is for the replace version ?

  • @epoqx
    Yeah, Vans123's original :thumbsup:
    In my game, the only thing I edited was to set the default wheeltype to 'VWT_HIEND' instead of 'VWT_SPORT' in it's 'vehicles.meta' (not included).

  • Hi.

    @epoqx @a63nt-5m1th

    Adding on to what is already going on in here.

    The most reliable way to force a vehicle to spawn, outside of writing a script, is simply to use Codewalker to create a new custom cluster of highprio spawns in your chosen location. It can be a single vehicle model or it can be a set with a pool of x number of vehicles(vanilla,dlc,custom,anything). You can also freely choose between having the vehicle spawn empty, spawn with a driver and/or passengers, and when/if you want the vehicle to drive away from its fixed spawn coords and become part of the normal traffic flow.

    When you test this to the point of overkill it looks like this :

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text


    Modifiver is coming in 2020

    alt text

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    After your method that made spawn the car properly, I replaced the data in my 'vehiclemodelsets.meta', I searched the car for one hour, couldn't find it, made a clean in my 'LS_CUSTOMS_MODDED_SP', searched and... BAM. Working as intended.

    :) :)

    I'll enjoy that thread to ask a question about the 'Mods' values, how can I find the related values to edit it and make spawn the car with the tuning I want ?
    Same thing for the wheels ? Is it possible to make it spawn with specific wheels ?

  • @epoqx
    This thread for the basics of vehiclemodelsets :thumbsup:
    Yeah, you can choose whatever tuning/colour/wheels/window tint/livery you want :thumbsup:

    Wheel choice in 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' is limited to whatever wheeltype is set in 'vehicles.meta' ('VMT_SPORTS', 'VMT_HIEND' etc). You then just raise/lower the 'ModIndex value' for 'VMT_WHEELS'' in 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' to choose whatever ones you want. (if you raise 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' 'ModIndex value' by +1 you will select the next available upgrade)

                    <ModIndex value="3" />

    As mentioned, raising the 'ModIndex value' will move you on through your selection of wheels/specific upgrades (check them in trainer & match to a ModIndex value etc), lowering will take you back etc. Once you find a 'ModIndex value' that matches a set of wheels, you can figure out from there what value to enter to get the set of wheels you want. Might be a bit of trial & error, but you'll figure it out.

    If you read the info in that thread above & play about with the value/s while noting what number of upgrade is applied you'll see how it works :thumbsup:
    All the tuning/colour/wheels/window tint/livery work on the same principle.

    For the colours of the car, download & refer to LSC Vehicle Colours Index.

    Note: I've occasionally had infinite loading screen bugs by setting certain/incorrect colour combinations.
    Make sure you keep backups of the complete 'update.rpf' as you are editing 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' as sometimes I think it can corrupt the entire archive & just reverting the files alone doesn't fix it.

  • I know this thread is dead but can someone share the modded rpf files? because whatever I do the Challenger never replaces the car no matter what, and does the addon work better?

  • @covenwave
    No-one is going to be able to share vanilla files with you without infringing copyright.

    Have you tried the instructions in this post?

    'carcols.meta' & 'vehicles.meta' files:
    Basically, don't follow the folder structure in the original download, but instead, install the 'carcols.meta' & 'vehicles.meta' to the 'mpjanuary2016' 'update.rpf' ' 'dlc_patch' folder structure instead:

    Install 'carcols.meta' here:
    & 'vehicles.meta' here:

    '.yft' & '.ytd' Install (pick one):
    Method #1:
    Use 'Ctrl+F3' to search in OpenIV for 'sultanrs.yft' & replace the files ('.yft' & '.ytd') in the highest patchday#ng ('#' = a number, pick highest) you find the sultanrs files in.

    Method #2:
    Alternatively, search for 'vehicles.rpf' & install the sultanrs '.yft' & '.ytd''s to the highest numbered patchday#ng folder structure to contain a 'vehicles.rpf' you find.
    ie Chuck them into that 'vehicles.rpf' with all the other vehicle '.yft' & '.ytd''s, whether the sultanrs exists there or not.

  • @covenwave Use this one instead https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-dodge-challenger-add-on-stock-shaker-hellcat

    Unfortunately his mods are just too buggy and not being made properly at all. He doesn't really pay attention to his mods. I was downloaded his Ford Raptor mod, it came with an ugly Lambo Aventador... Like wtf?? I can download Lambo Aventador seperately if I want, why are you including it?? He doesn't even spesificy neither in description or images.
    It's handling absolute mess, you can run faster from the vehicle really (theoritically).
    Interior doesn't work properly. You need to apply the chasis mod for the interior (all of the interior, dashboard, gauges, steering wheel etc) to work properly. I mean why the hell I would be need to use chasis mod so the interior looks properly?? It's just a total mess really and I would suggest avoid using his mods.

    I got nothing to the mod author himself though, however like I said his mods are a mess. Yes they look good as a brochure car, but a good looking brochure car and a game ready car is totally different..

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