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Add-On Cars as Replacement

  • Hi Guys, I want to know is it possible to replace ingame cars with Addons cars?

    I opened files from an Addon Car with OpenIV and extract ytd files, that worked. But the car has mod parts when I use it as Addon but not when I using it as replace. So I need to extract the mod files too. I found them done it but the tuning does not appear ingame in the tuning garage and gauges on the car does not work too.

    What when I try another approach on this. I install the car as Addon, lets say Audi RS7, but want it to replaces Obey Tailgater, which text file I need to change, that the game read the Addon car instead of Tailgter?

    I hope someone can help. I want to replace all cars with nice cars and tuning options in workshop.

  • @0rganiX Hello! I'm Hallel and I'm gonna be helping you answer your question.

    First of all: Are we reverting replacements to addons or addons to replacements?

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!


    @hallel9 His idea is about replacing vanilla cars (original game vehicles) with Add-On vehicles that can be found on this site. In simple words, Add-On's will become replacements.

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