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could not find model

  • i installed a addon car and every time i try to spawn it through enhanced native trainer it says error couldnt find model .............now i know how to mod i have been doing it for 2 years but never encountered this , btw the game is a fresh install and this the first addon mod or any in-game mod other enhanced trainer for that matter.plz hellllppplplppp


    made sure you've definitely installed it correctly? made sure you're using the right spawn name? not all vehicle names are the same as their dlc folder

  • brother i pasted correct line dlclist and made correct folder and i even checked the vehicle within the open iv for the car name and used that but still no luck


    • What vehicle is it? Download link would be useful. Cheers :thumbsup:
    • Reinstall OpenIV's plugins ('ASI Loader' & 'OpenIV.ASI') just in case they are borked.
    • Do you know for sure the 'mods' folder is functional? Does a timecycle file from VisualV (or any other timecycle mod) work for instance?
    • Try downloading a different add-on, install it & report back (does this one spawn?).
    • Do you have two copies of the game installed by any chance?

    Also, post your complete 'dlclist.xml' contents here using a codeblock, thanks :thumbsup:

    Codeblock Instructions:

    Copy these three lines to a blank txt file, overwrite only this line with dlclist data, copy all & post into reply.

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