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err_MEM_EMBEDDEDALLOC_guard_4 error please someone help!!

  • I have 25 vehicles replaced and 2 vehicles for addon. Most of the replaces are just retexture of vanilla vehicle. But whenever I turn on the game and drive like 5 minutes in the highway, the game suddenly crashes with the error above.

    I tried every method to solve this. Like Heapadjuster, gameconfig and packlifeadjuster and still, it doesn't work at all.

    Unlike other cases, I havn't experienced texture popping and framedrop. The game just simply crashes without any warning signs.

    My computer spec is this

    AMD 1500x

    16GB RAM

    GTX1060 3gb

    Is there any solution of this?

  • @kandy0205

    • Try out various gameconfigs designed for your version of the game (1.0.1868.1 etc) to see if any alleviate the issue.
    • Use 'popgroups.ymt' to remove any edited vehicles one-by-one & see if the crash goes away.


    • If you identify a vehicle culprit & it has 4K textures, you may be able to avoid the crash by reducing the size of those textures down to 2K/1K or deleting ones you aren't too bothered about (if there are a lot of 4K in one vehicle etc).
    • Have a read over this thread as it has some sound advice in it about how to avoid memory related crashes.
    • Basically, something is using more memory than it has been allocated, so look to mods that increase the size of vanilla assets in some way (replaced peds/vehicles/roads etc).
    • Can't rule out a broken or funky add-on mod, especially one that has been set to spawn ambiently on the streets in multiple numbers, so although it's less likely, it still needs to be eliminated as a variable (don't spawn it/them & remove entry from 'popgroups.ymt' (if added) to test). A very high poly add-on with lots of 4K textures or just simply a very poorly made vehicle could do it.
    • A script could probably cause it too. Rename the 'scripts' folder to something else temporarily to test that.

    Are the 25 replace vehicles and 2 addon vehicles the only mods you have installed?
    If you run through all that :point_up: above & are still having issues, provide a complete list of the mods, scripts & plugins (.asi/RAGE Plugin Hook etc) you have installed. Thanks :thumbsup:

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