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HI, I am new to modding.

  • I recently equipped open Iv and possess the latest version of GTA on steam, Product Version:, file version:

    But to get straight to the point I downloaded a mod, which is called ADF11 (Raven) and it confuses me, I understand somewhat the whole go to Open Iv/GTAv/Mods/update/x64/dlc packs/ patch day19ng/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5 and drag and drop the mod you want and my mind goes blank from there, I just can't seem to understand the concept, youtube tutorials don't help and I tried discord servers, and people always say "I'm busy". I think it has to do with the fact I am a slow visualized learner but whatever. But you may say why can't you search up youtube tutorials on how to mod but that the problem, my mod instructions tell me, I need to add (cweaponinfoblob-limit-adjuster) so the game won't crash while loading, but I don't know how to do that or place it, everything else makes sense through the directions except for the last step, step 3.

    "3. Now you are done, you will need a trainer with "spawn by name" function (Enhanced Native Trainer for example) to spawn the vehicle type in:" Whats a trainer? Where do I get one? How do I install it? I am super confused, no youtube tutorials show up, for any of these things, and the creator of the mod doesn't have any communication so I can reach out.

    In conclusion, if you see this, call me on my discord (Babadok#3708), please be patient with me, I don't really know a lot of stuff since I recently moved from the console. I am not a programmer nor a coder, I am sure I can get the hang of it, I just need a contact.

    Thank you for understanding.

  • @Betaballx First, you need to install ASI loader and openiv.asi. To do that, open up openiv then go to Tools>ASI Manager and install the first two options. Then you need to download scripthookv and scripthookvdotnet and place the files in the main game directory (where gta5.exe is located) Then download menyoo or simple trainer, from there you can spawn any modded vehicle.

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    Here's the link to the file you were confused about. Just put the contents of the download in your gta 5 directory.

  • I already unzipped the file, but where specifically? Did you say in the Gta5 directory, and if so how?

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    @Betaballx Directly in the GTA V root folder. Just copy the .asi and the .ini over.

  • @QBit07 How do I get to that? I am new to this.

  • @Betaballx
    If you want help dm me or something

  • @ShadoFax Absolutely, you have a discord?

  • @Betaballx
    I do i'll be on soon i can use my screen share btw but im not gonne talk
    What is your discord

  • @ShadoFax Babadok#3708 How about I screen share and you tell me what todo. I'm looking to make new friends anyways.

  • @Betaballx
    K im adding you soon

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