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Is there a mod to spawn other ships than Predator when dispatch?

  • I tried to edit dispatch files to make cops drive other ships but they don't seem to spawn at all. Anybody who knows the solution or the mod?

  • @kandy0205
    Make sure the ship has the:


    flags set in it's 'vehicles.meta'.

    Note: You just add them to what is already there (with a space inbetween each flag).

  • It seems that it works to vanilla vehicles but not dlc vehicles like insurgent. Of course I know the vehicles.meta for insurgent is located in mpheist folder and I edited it as you instructed. But the vehicle spawns with no passenger in it. Is there something I'd missed out?

  • @kandy0205
    Did you edit this file? (ie not the one in 'dlcpacks', but the one in 'update.rpf' 'dlc_patch' folder structure)



    Try Dispatch 'Ghost' Fix if you haven't already.

    I've had trouble getting the insurgent to spawn with driver etc in the past (even with Dispatch 'Ghost' Fix installed) & in the end opted to use this LAPD SWAT Insurgent instead.
    Note: It replaces the 'riot'. It worked perfectly after that tho. :thumbsup:

  • @kandy0205
    Updated my previous post to include a direct link to the exact modded Insurgent I use :thumbsup:

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