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Some basic questions here about random event in Los Santos

  • Im a newbie
    I want add more "life" to Los Santos, particularly with some emergencies vehicle who spawn or only patrol sometimes (Cop,ambulance or Fire dpt), also maybe if i can add more event like shooting etc.

    I have found a bit how works popgroups, popcycles,dispatch and vehiclemodelsets, i have also found one event files who contain some cop and driver "behaviour", for now i just import some emergencies vehicules and set them to "turning around" in some sector (Cops, FireDpt, Coroner etc)

    if someone have more ideas, or could tell me how i can go more deep in those basic modification, with some example so i can try and learn or how those emergency service work? Also i dont really want tons of mod who are conflicting each other continually...

  • @psychosn4ke
    Your best bet is to go with a premade script for random events & such or look into scenarios to add a little life to LS.
    Getting anywhere with what you are planning will probably require some scripting knowledge, which I presume is a bit over your head, if you're just starting out.

  • Ty, I'll take a look at those

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