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Anybody knows how to make cops dispatch with Barracks Truck?

  • I figured out how to make cops drive trucks to chase me but the problem is there are only two of them in one vehicle

    none of them are sitting in the cargo area, making the barracks's transport ability useless

    Even when I edited all vehicles to spawn with more than 4 personnel, only two in the front area(With a driver and a seat next to him) spawns properly

    does anybody know how to make cops dispatch with people sitting on the cargo area behind the driving part?

  • As far as I know, and i struggled a lot to find what you are searching for, when dispatched, only

    • fbi can have the 4 seats fully occupied. Total of 4.
    • fbi2 can have the driver seat and the 2 peds hanging on the sides. Total of 3.

    These are the only vehicles that can be dispatched with more than 2 peds in it.

    But keep in mind that 'NumPedsToSpawn value' equal to the total number of peds that are gonna be dispatched in that category.
    For example, if you use NumPedsToSpawn value="4" for a category, and you decide to :

    • Only use fbi as the dispatched car, only x1 car will be dispatched with x4 peds inside.
    • Use another car that can only contain 2 peds, x2 cars will be dispatched with x2 peds inside each one.

  • @kandy0205 @epoqx
    Just so you know, any vehicle used to replace 'fbi' will also dispatch with 4x peds in it :thumbsup:
    It's not tied to the specific fbi buffalo or to it's meta files. Presumably there is a flag or script somewhere that just automatically gives any vehicle called 'fbi' the ability to dispatch with x4 peds.

    I used a lot of different vehicles & also replaced the normal 'fbi' meta data with their equivalent data, but still it always dispatched with x4 peds (so as mentioned, x4 ped ability not tied to model or meta files in any way, just the name 'fbi').

    If you use 'fbi2' to replace 'fbi', the 'LAYOUT_RANGER_SWAT' (guys hanging on the sides) is disabled (even if using 'fbi2' 'vehicles.meta' data) & you get 4x peds sitting in the seats inside instead.

    I also tested some naming schemes, creating vehicles called 'fbi_1' etc, just to see if it picked up the 'fbi' part & applied the 4x ped, but that didn't work.
    So for now anyway, seems like just one type of x4 peds vehicle available at a time. At least it can be any vehicle you want though. That gives us a little bit of choice/variation :thumbsup:.

    I replaced the 'fbi' files ('.yft'/'.ytd') with the 'barracks' ones & had it dispatch & although it does spawn with 4x peds in it they still don't use the back. All 4 emerge from the cab unfortunately, & then fall over as they bump into each other etc lol

  • @a63nt-5m1th That's a really interesting fact. Being able to replace fbi with any vehicle and having 4 seats. I'll try this.

    And what about replacing fbi2 and his 3 peds possibility ?
    I've tried with different vehicles, but the only way seems some kind of retexture only to not mess with the different parts of the vehicle that needs to be there to allow peds to hang on the sides.

  • @epoqx
    For 'fbi2', that was my understanding, that the model needs to be designed to allow hanging on the sides, or it will not work.
    You would need to replace it with something like this I think :thumbsup:

  • @epoqx Yeah I already tried it, quite cool but I was hoping so much for a kind of different VAN/Truck ! Nevermind, fbi will lead to quite some experimentations !

  • @a63nt-5m1th I'm reminding myself that I wanted to know how is it possible to make 4 swats hang de sides of fbi2 like in the link you sent https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lspd-tru-granger-add-on-replace, and other pictures I saw from car addons. I searched but there is no information about it.

  • @epoqx
    I'm not sure it's possible when the vehicle is spawned using 'dispatch.meta'.
    The pictures you have seen are with a player as the driver & bodyguards hanging on the sides.
    That is the only way I've got it to work.

    Granger 7 peds

    Given that the functionality for 7 peds + Driver exists, it may well be possible to dispatch like that with a script, but I'd say that's about you're only hope.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Yeah that's what I was expecting.

    Sticking to this insurgent while using the 4 seats seems enough badass and realistic for me !

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