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New car / Abarth 595 Turismo Facelift

  • Hello,
    i would like to ask who could make the following vehicle for GTA 5 PC for me:

    Fiat Abarth 595 Turismo, Facelift model:

    Also against payment is no problem.
    ...even a standard model for everyone would be nice :beers:


  • @patzwy1874
    I would like someone to publish this model. But Fiat is not a popular brand in GTA5. They’ll make the emergency version faster than the serial version. Typically, these cars are transferred from Forza. But this requires modeling skills. See ZModeler.

  • Thanks for the answer . I see it a little differently. Fiat has some models that you can download here, but they are not very interesting.
    E.g. Palio, Toro, Fiorino etc. you never see these models also on real streets. I am not asking for a Fiat but after an Abarth. This brand is known for all generations (at least in Europe). Could somebody generate the standard model from Forza?

    I also notice that appear some single models a multiple times (e.g. Audi R8, BMW M5 etc.), do we need that many?

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