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Mod downloading and saving as a text file.

  • When I download the mod file and I open the file location it turns out to be a text file but i'm not sure why. Inside the file is some random weird letters that I have never seen before. Ó%tÀ; w [‚ א .žJ3. These are some of the contents of the file. The file extension is .rar.

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    Get 7zip.

  • @Monkeytum
    Try what @QBit07 says first, but if installing 7zip etc doesn't fix it:

    Make sure 'Hide extensions for known file types' is unticked in Windows folder options (Google for instructions on how to access folder options. Edit link to include OS (Win 7/8/10 etc) you have installed).

    Windows Folder Options

    Then have a look at the file extension again. Is it '.rar.txt' (or something similar)? If so, remove the '.txt' etc part & confirm the change of file extention to get a fully functional '.rar' file back.

  • Installing 7zip or WinRAR should fix it, as long as the file extension becomes associated with the program you install. I believe both programs have built-in ways to set associations.

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