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[MISC] GTArcade - 5 Stars Survival Challenge

  • We all love to go for a high octane police chase. I'd argue that's what the majority of GTA Players do most of the time in Singleplayer. But what started to bother me over time is that you don't really have a goal to reach, so it becomes stale over time (for me at least).
    So I thought it would be cool to spice things up a little and make it a challenge.

    Actual Mod Idea

    • You get 5 Stars on a button press and and a timer starts
    • Police-Kills earn you points, Pedestrian-Kills deduct points
    • You earn points for each second you survive
    • You get a different amount of points per second (PPS) depending on your vehicle
      For example: On foot: 30 PPS | Unarmored Car: 20 PPS | Armored Car: 10 PPS | Flight Vehicle: 5 PPS
    • You stop gaining PPS when the police is getting into search-mode
    • If you escape instead of getting wasted your final score gets multiplied by 2
    • Maybe even add a competitive mode with preset vehicles, routes etc.

    Thanks for your attention. I'd really like your opinion on this! Suggestions for improvement are also welcome!

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