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[Script] Niteclub ambient music in a different location / setting for custom festival (story mode only)

  • Hey all!

    So i have recently created a menyoo/spooner/map where theres a full blown festival going on at LS customs Car Park (Burton area) it has over 2000 added objects and peds and almost ready to roll. The issue i have is this really. Im looking for something music wise that will play music only when the player is in the car park, so basically when they walk in 1 of 2 main entrances or the upper car park (VIP and staff area)

    I have checked pages upon pages of stuff here on the forum and on the full mod lists and cant really get to something that i think will work for what im looking for.

    I know there are custom radio stations etc which i was going to try using this, along with the festival bus speakers to play out loud but a couple of things bother me about this.

    • it wont be realistically loud if you were lets say at the back of the car park wall
    • the bus is not part of the design concept so much as i have built a stage already with speakers etc so the bus will look way out of place.
    • i had tried locating it in the upper car park but again it look out of place and not practical to go up there to turn it on and walk back down (i know im limited but this would ruin the aspect of the festival site and idea).

    So im wondering is there a mod out there that will play ambient music at a location (like when you walk into the niteclub in online mode scenario) or is it possible to use the online gta niteclub files to replicate this experience? i dont mind using the existing audio for this as its a club style festival anyways.

    Also the menyoo spooner option for playing audio at a location doesnt seem to work which is why im asking here :)

    Any help on this would be greatly appriciated.


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