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Texture not loading (it comes and goes repeatedly)

  • Hello please take a look at these screenshots. how to solve it? I changed graphic setting but not worked.

  • @zorrozol
    Try 'Alt+Tab'ing out of the game, open Task Manager & set 'GTA5.exe' to 'High' CPU priority

    Task Manager > Right-click 'GTA5.exe' > 'Set CPU Priority' > 'High'

    If that works, you can use Prio to set the CPU Priority permanently (otherwise it resets to 'Normal' on restarting the game).

  • @a63nt-5m1th I always play gta5 with 'High' CPU priority. I mean I've applied these setting before. in task manager detail section.

  • @zorrozol
    Then you are probably looking at have too many high poly/4K texture add-on cars installed or perhaps a script causing it. Obviously, corruption of game files could cause that too.
    Something is messing with the games ability to stream textures. LA Roads has been known to cause that too.

    Very basically, if you overburden GTA V's texture streaming, usually by adding cars with a lot of 4K liveries, the game shits the bed.

    Diagnostic Approach:

    • Make backups of anything you edit first.
    • Remove all the add-on cars you have installed (by using the vanilla 'dlclist.xml' in your 'mods' folder 'update.rpf' temporarily)
    • Stop all scripts in the 'scripts' folder from running (by renaming 'scripts' folder to something else temporarily)
    • If you are overclocking any hardware, make sure it is stable.
    • Test a vanilla 'update.rpf' in your 'mods' folder/test the full vanilla game or & see if you have the same issue?

    Try all that out anyway, see if it makes & difference & then if not, get back to me with the results & a little bit more info on when it started happening, is this a new install or have you been using it perfectly fine for a while etc? If a new install, what specs (CPU, GPU, RAM etc) do you have?
    Basically, give as much info as you can about how & when it started happening. Don't spare the keyboard, the more info, the better :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Yes, thank you. the problem is solved. I didn't know that added vehicles could cause problems even when we didn't spawned them. It was because of a 4k Bike.

  • @zorrozol said in Texture not loading (it comes and goes repeatedly):

    I didn't know that added vehicles could cause problems even when we didn't spawned them

    Neither did I to be honest. Presumably, there must have been something wrong with it (as long as it wasn't an add-on that replaced an in-game Bike, some are set up like that), glad you got it fixed anyway :thumbsup:

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